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Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by westr01, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. westr01

    westr01 Idahoan

    I have used Cheaper than Dirt.com to buy loads of equipment and supplies. Before you buy something from them you can check out the product reviews and see what others say about a particular item. I find it very useful, check it out if you haven't already. :2thumb:
  2. youpock

    youpock Well-Known Member

    I love cheaper than dirt, they often have military surplus stuff for incredibly cheap and their shipping is always super fast.

    ALSO they don't back order so if they are out they are out they don't accept orders like other places that end up taking MONTHS to arrive..

  3. IASurvivalist

    IASurvivalist Survivalist

    I had to return an item to Cheaper Than Dirt and the item was taken back with no problem. I did say what the problem was-item wasnt what I was expecting-and they just told me to return the item, as customer satisfaction was number one.
  4. Fn/Form

    Fn/Form Function over Form

    They used to have some good deals. Now they're way overpriced on many things. They were porking people on ammo during the rush last winter. I try to buy elsewhere.
  5. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    I agree. I felt there was some serious price gouging at CTD. Our local sporting goods stores were much cheaper when they had it.
  6. Expeditioner

    Expeditioner Well-Known Member

    CTD not so great on ammo! Every now an dthen they have good deals on MilSurplus. Sportsman Guide is much better IMO!!!
  7. TimB

    TimB Member

    I have bought several items from CTD that were cheaper than anywhere else (even including shipping). The only ammo I bought from them was .17 Mach 2- including shipping it came to just a hair over $5 a box for Remington. Good thing I bought 1,000 rds.- they only show Hornady now and it's over $1 a box cheaper than BassPro. WalMart usually has the best price on ammo but I have never seen the Mach 2 there, just a box of .17 occassionally.