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A Serial Killer Calls a Popular Radio Show.

Interesting to listen to with my point of view. Seems real. Maybe.

For example, when he's talks about not killing one prostitute. He's says because, it reminder him of his fiancee. Once humanized, then he cares, and treats that person, as a human being, with the right to be alive. Once he cares.

Lots or rap music, in the past anyway, was about extreme violence, and otherwise using people up, and tossing them away, like trash. So some rappers, have been dying. So then other rappers, and there friend preach then, about how you are suppose to care now and cry now. Once they care, rappers, they humanize someone and explain why to. Others times they dehumanize people, (have excuses you racist) and well, they shoot, and otherwise, kill people to. Just like this guy above. Sometimes anyway. So they attack each other. See what happens then. Some practice what they preach. For street cred (excuses) it has been said publicly.

When rappers, don't care about someone, they act like a serial killer, preaching violence, and more. Once they care, like the serial killer above, cared for one. For whatever reason, then that person, is a person to them. Some connection. Based upon some happy memories, and some respect as a human being, I guess for that person. By association to a friend basically. The same but different, in some ways. Rappers and serial killers. Just make some jingle, and make it look cool, and then, it's OK to preach violence, and murder. By making it cool, to some. Don't forget to cry, when they care about someone. When people like that are given public voices they start saying more and more. Like we all do.

As they talk more, there true nature, becomes more and more apparent. Especially, when they are surrounded by like minded individuals.

Boredom so he kills. He is just somewhat more crazy psychopath that some street people going back and forth into jails and prisons and such. Sometimes for murder. He can still function in society too, as long as he vents his frustrations, and can get away with it.

The serial killer, gets to vent, in a way he likes and enjoys. Most psychopaths, don't get to do that, like that, but they still want to destroy you, and kill you. So they rage, and rage, an rage, at any they can. Even to children. Even to there own children. Always watching, away waiting. That is a separate issue, from the drugs they want to.

Nothing more unboring to a psychopath, than hard drugs. Basically. Well maybe murder. That is raging, his murder. Have a family member killed, with a hammer, (not self defence) and see, if you think, that is raging or not, or any form of premeditated murder or murder.

If he tried hard drugs, I suspect the serial killer, would become a junkie fast. He has no respect for human life by default. Just pretends to.

He calls himself imitating. That is also something psychopaths like doing to people if that's all they can do. Just to do it to someone they want to victimize and are. No reason other then they want to. Not self defence.

Just keep talking to them, and pretend they are interesting. Over and over again about various things. Like in prison. Don't like being bored, and want to dominate, and scare, etc.

They want to feel safe and in control. So try to make them feel safe and in control. Well lots of people, want to feel safe, and in control, over there lives. A bit different in some ways. They want to feel powerful. I have heard street people proclaim loudly. "I own this town". So after this happened a few times with various ones I said. "Can you buy me a piece of pizza?" Everyone burst out laughing at him.

They fantasize lots because they must always pretend to be normal. They don't pretend to be normal sometimes when they no longer have to pretend. the serial killer doesn't pretend to be normal, when he is about to kill someone.

The violent rappers, and there friends, want to pretend to be normal to, by dancing and singing. Using repetition to convince people they are normal. Works pretty good for a while. If you don't know about that person you may even like them. For a while. So friendly and normal like. Acting.
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