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Discussion in 'Politics' started by HozayBuck, Nov 13, 2010.

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    I was reading a news story about the issues facing all the newbies to congress and how they will handle them..

    For many years I've believed that the only way for the people to really regain control of our country is to bring the so called Law Makers back into the fold of the people...

    Yes !! remove them from Washington.. turn DC into a museum ! If we really want to regain our country then we need to keep the congress critters close to hand.. hold your friends close...hold your enemy's closer !

    One way to do it is to make them remain in their home state with an office in the State Capital building.. right there under the eyes of the folks they work for.. there is nothing they do that is so secret that they really have to be in DC.. today's communications are more secure then a staffers mouth..

    No expensive trips "home" on big jets.. no multi million dollar congressional dining rooms where they can dine on fresh Lobster etc for 5 bucks.. no million dollar Gyms so they can not stay in shape..No congressional barber shop with the $100.00 haircuts subsidized by US! no Limos unless they want to buy it and pay the driver... hell they could go to work in Levis and cowboy boots if their culture is such , no need for the brooks brothers suits..
    no need for a huge staff.. hire 4 staffers from the state job pool.. and "NO Lobbyist allowed" on state property.. make them meet out in public among the voters.. somebody will see them and talk about it.. 2 terms and out the door! NO life time paycheck .. they use the same retirement plan as any other Gov worker..

    These things are all doable.. how ? simply...by passing state laws saying this is how it will be!... nobody works better then the person who works among the bosses!

    It's easy to disappear into the halls of DC.. to never be seen again except for reelection visits back home..

    We allow our congress critters to leave home to a never never land of fine wine and caviar that we or somebody else is paying for and we wonder why they never hear us...

    States have the power to make these things happen... we the people have the power... we lose all control when our leadership sails away to the land of Wine and "Honeys"..

    Besides staying home is better on them and their family's.. we would be doing them a favor!

    And the President?? he stays home too.. the Secret Service can guard him anyplace..

    Hell while I'm on this rant...

    Shut every military base we have anyplace in the world .. bring our troops home!.. no more worlds policemen.. build bases on our borders.. give the military a strip say 50 miles deep and gulf to coast of Calif.. roving patrols, live ammo and free fire zones.. from 2 miles of the border to 10 miles can be artillery and bombing ranges... if your in there and get hammered tough chit.. read the signs.. or the pictures if you can't read your own language..

    The savings in this and stopping all foreign aid to other countries alone would pay for true free health care for everybody.. good health care.. plus all those troops would be spending their pay in this country not somebody else's !

    change the laws to read that any company that moves off shore, moves lock stock and barrel.. then they become a foreign company.. build it here , sell it here and any country who's products are shipped here from abroad "WILL" allow a like monetary value of US products to be exported to their people with no big taxes added to prevent their people from buying American made goods... "FAIR trade means "FAIR"... for all involved..

    It's really simple.. just start running the country like a business trying to make a living..

    There is not one damn thing wrong with "America First"... I would also stop all immigration for a while and then set some very strict laws and rules.. like if you want to live in America you have to "BE" an American... learn the language and pass a test like they used to do... in a set amount of time or leave... and live by our laws.. no matter what your religion says.. LIVE BY OUR LAWS... wanna be an American then be one 100 %... no Mexican Americans or African Americans..etc etc... if you like the national prefix then go live in that country and be a Mexican Mexican.. or African African.. take pride or get out..

    I really have to stop smoking these Crayolas.. specially the grape ones...

    I'm tired.. as in Sick and tired .. I want my country back, and I want it back better then it was..

    I want anybody who wants to change it to go live where things are the way they want to change us too.. If Mexico is so damn good then move there.. same for Viet Nam.. go back ..don't bring it here.. I'm out of Political Correctness... America..Love it or get the hell out..

    I'm a Constitutional Conservative gun owning Christian ( believing ,if not living ) and I want my country back..

    And for all the warm fuzzy feeling liberals... my new motto

    "Nuke the Gay Whales"...! ( did I miss anybody?)
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    Yes you missed the baby seals.:eek:

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    Well said ...............
    Then you would'nt have to press 1 for English

    L8R RR
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    Well hell even I find the lil Darlings cute.. I have nothing against wearing fur...IF you track it down , kill it, skin it and make the coat...by God then you earned the right to wear anything ya want! :D

    Hunted Golfs one time, never did get one, found the eggs tho, wasn't worth a crap... hard as hell and after boilin the hell outta em they tasted like old rubber bands... an I felt like a damn fool dressed like that...

    Wonder if baby seal is good eatin? naaa..
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    Oh, Hozay! :lolsmash: You kill me! :lolsmash:

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    Well ifn I do can I skin ya out an make a coat? well I'm big and yer small..maybe gloves? :D
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    OK my coolaid just went through my nose!! And all over my screen :lolsmash::lolsmash:
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    be glad it wasn't Jim beam !!! bad things man !!!
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    A little addition. Something I am remembering from one of the few awake moments during my phylosophy classes. IN ancient greese when a person took public office all of his posessions were totalled for monetary value and on the day when he gave up office the value of what that person owns was adjusted corresponding to the changes in country's or local's economy that were produced during that politician's reign. In two words--if during your presedency you managed to mess the country's economy up--your own assets are being cut down by the same percent.
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    Myself, I say get the 'profession' out of politics. The founders of this nation only met a couple times a year, when the harvest was done and if no other pressing business was going. They had 'real jobs', farmers, lawyers, doctors, tradesmen. While serving the people, they got a stipend to cover expenses. When they left office, they went back to their careers. There were no fancy pensions and other perks back then. A politician was truly "of the people", NOT an Elite over them.

    Get us back to this system, with term limits. Also, BAN all 'Political Parties" and "Special Interests"...... We'll be a better nation for it. :cool:
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    man, where's a "thank you" button when you need it! I agree with the post, loved it and laughed myself silly over the "hunting for golfs".
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    :thankyou: right here. (its under smilies you have to click the more button)
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    BD I like that idea... parties are divisive ! why not vote on the person, not the party?.. Also yanno, if they followed the Constitution there would be damn little for them to do... so meeting a couple of times a year would be fine...IF they really needed too!

    How about smack dab in the geographical dead center of the US of A ??? which may well be a corn field in Nebraska for all i know... build an air strip that can take mid size commuter planes, and have some Quansant huts with folding tables and folding metal chairs.. ! and they bring a sack lunch, water can be provided! I'll bet business would get done damn fast! and they would find that meeting in person wasn't such a big deal..

    Ross Perot said that when the Politicians were picked up in a Government Limo that it was a case of the Servant being driven to work by the boss! he was right..
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    As I recall, the original elected were also prohibited from holding office unless they owned property and were debt free.
  15. mosquitomountainman

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    I think some of the early politicians were loaded with debt.

    I'd like to see laws changed so that the only people who could vote on property taxes were property owners. I get tired of people voting on property tax issues that have nothing to lose when they vote to raise them.

    Personally, I think the only tax allowed should be a sales tax. Make ALL of government funding come from sales taxes. It's a consumption tax which is better than taxing the producers of the nation and taking from them to fund the non-producers. Exempt necessities like energy/fuel, food and medicine/health purchases from the sales tax and you aren't hurting the poor who must have these things to live but you'll get them when they purchase cigs., booze, etc. Exempt the first $100,000 of a home purchase and the first $5,000 of a vehicle purchase to protect the poor as well. Apply the sales tax equally to everything else.

    Another thing about a sales tax is that it's an up-front tax that people have to pay out of their pocket. Any increase is obvious and people will want to know why. Income taxes are taken out before anyone get's their check and most people don't even think about how much they're loosing. If they were paid their gross salary and had to send that money in to the government they'd be more likely to notice and make some changes.

    Other taxes like property taxes impact a smaller percentage of people who don't have as loud a voice.

    The government uses these types of taxes because they're easy to enforce. If a business man doesn't pay the employees income taxes withheld he loses his business. Same thing on property taxes. Don't pay them and the gov't. takes your property. It's much easier to threaten a few people than to have to collect from every individual taxpayer.

    Anyway, time to get off my soap box. :soapboxrant:
  16. HozayBuck

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    I agree !!! :melikey:... I've started a chit storm a few times with the following..
    In the Book and the Movie of the same name " Starship Troopers" the only people why could be "full" citizens ( meaning the right to vote) were those who volunteered to serve.. in some capacity.. Military or in a hospital etc... for four years.. even a person in a wheel chair could serve.. in whatever capacity he or she could perform.. it wasn't what you did or how you did it.. it was just that those who gave got back ...

    Now, think about this, we all know people who have had to be on some form of Aid.. fine but we all have "Heard" of or "seen" people who have been on aid all their lives.. so.. should somebody who has never paid a dime in taxs be allowed ro vote? to vote for some political hack who offers them more for their vote?.. should a person who pays nothing into the system be allowed to vote for somebody who is promising them "MORE???.. I say no.. BIG NO !!

    Would this be cruel? would it be a violation of the Constitution?.. I don't know.. I don't think so, but the key word there is "THINK"...

    I just know that there are folks voting who have never done a thing to earn the right... besides being born here... and a lot of folks voting who weren't born here and are not here legally due to the same political hacks...
  17. SaskDame

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    I would suggest that simple moves like disallowing charitable donation and promotional expenses for business purposes would result in a huge increase in revenue. Advertising, which is about a product and its value would continue to be expensed.
  18. The_Blob

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    would you care to clarify yourself, because if the gist is 'charitable donations BAD, advertising GOOD' I will have to wait until my blood recedes to a more manageable temperature before retorting
  19. HozayBuck

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    Yep me too, I got lost in your wording.. I know people get a tax deduction for charity donations , but it's never equal to the donation.. so as a rule a person who is donating isn't doing it for a tax break.. give 100 bucks and get back 5 bucks in taxs??? naaa that don't compute...

    If you mean it's not the govt job to provide and it should be left to the charity organizations... I agree..

    Explain please?
  20. lanahi

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    I'd keep the charitable deductions, I think, if those charities are doing what the government would otherwise have to do. Charities usually do the job better than government, so let them take over more of the functions government is doing now.

    Bobby Jindal recommends that congress only meet part time:
    Hope that idea really takes off!