A question of morality or stupidity

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  1. kogneto

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    Here's a question for you all. I work at a hotel in Anchorage, Alaska doing night shift stuff over the weekend. Our management staff, and entire front desk staff, has had a massive turnover and I'm now the longest working employee at the hotel with just under 9 months working the desk.

    In this time the new management and the old management apparently had no communication because all the old recycling we use to do of products (ink, paper, plastics) has all stopped and they recently threw away about 2 dozen used inkjet cartridges that would normally have been recycled for a huge discount on future ink. In addition they went through and tossed all the trinkets and photo's our frequent guests will give us from other states or countries.

    I'm not going to say that previous management had their **** together when it came to running the place, but the new management apparently never ran a hotel before and got their jobs through either sweet-talking or no-one-else-will-take-it. Their zeal for cleanliness is in contrast with their ability to operate at an efficient level.

    So I just came across an old box tucked away under a desk that is labeled "Lost & Found" that has a thick layer of dust over it. There is no information on the products that would illuminate their owner or where they were found or even when they were found.

    If put in this situation would you:
    A: pilfer the box for it's goodies (including several knives, a maglite, some xbox 360 stuff, and other oddities)
    B: not pilfer the box

    I'd like to say an option would be to track down owners but that really isn't likely. I'm just wondering if management won't just throw out all this stuff too.

    On a side note I'm already looking for new employment. All my counterparts were fired or forced to quit because of their "attitude" towards the managers.
  2. mosquitomountainman

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    Personally, I'd see if they were going to throw it away. If they said yes I'd ask for the contents. If they tell you "no" and throw it away anyway I'd discreetly retrieve it from the trash.

    All of this is JMO so do with it what you want.

  3. HozayBuck

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    If it's been there that long and nobody's claimed or inquired about it I'd say it's a non issue for the former owners, former management and frankly the new management will without doubt go thru it and take what they want and pitch the rest... spoils of war. but that's just me, I don't believe in waste, hell I even wash and reuse zip lock bags...:eek:... so either you get it or somebody else will or it will get dumped and be wasted...

    This is a preper forum...use it up, wear it out, recycle it... so, your helping save the planet!!! :congrat: :D
  4. kogneto

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    lol if I don't take I'm actually CONTRIBUTING to global warming ;):p this is good enough for me
  5. Magus

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    Found goods.

    Take it.
  6. TimB

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    I agree. The new management would just throw it out anyway.

  7. Jason

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    If they didn't toss it out they'd keep it for their own greedy selves and laugh at you behind your back for telling them about it. Keep it all, and if there's anything there that you genuinely cannot use, donate it to your neighborhood thrift shop.
  8. longtime

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    Since you asked here, you think it's wrong. It's not worth it. I would let them know and ask if you could have the contents.
  9. Binary Encryption

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    "Death before dishonor" If you have to ask, your already wrong. IMHO
  10. TechAdmin

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    Not being yours I would ask. In my mind if no one collects it if becomes property of the institution where it was left. Since you are not that institution, only an agent of it, I would ask. What did you end up doing?
  11. kogneto

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    definitely grabbed it, along with this sweet posture chair the old boss had that was sitting with the garbage

    some of the stuff I put in the main drawer where some other "found" stuff has sat for awhile