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A question for active military.

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Probably a stupid question,but here goes.

I've been hearing in various places that US combat troops are being deployed on our streets in certain places.why?isn't this against Posse comitatus?

I don't trust radioheads and bloggers,but its interesting enough to me to ask,I think I'd trust you guys a lot more than them,so what's up?

If anything.:rolleyes:
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...Listen to Pill O'donky and Lush Dimbulb, they are wrong 100% of the time!
And, as soon as one resorts to name-calling to back one's argument, I can't help but discount everything else one said.
BlueZ and Turtle, you are replying to posts that are four years old. The thread is from 2008.
And yet, it is still a valid concern, especially considering the type of man currently residing in the White House.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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