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    I took out a few books from the Library today on self sufficiency and I felt that I needed to copy it word for word. Feel free to make this one a sticky.

    We can do things for ourselves or we can pay others to do them for us. These are the two "systems" that support us; we might call them the "self-reliance system" and the "organization system". The former tends to breed self-reliant men and women; the latter tends to produce organization men and women. All existing societies support themselves by a mixture of the two systems; but the proportions vary.

    In the modern world, during the last hundred years or so, there has been an enormous and historically unique shift: away from self-reliance and towards organization. As a result people are becoming less self-relian and more dependent than has ever been seen in history. They may claim to be more highly educated than any generation before them; but the fact remains that they cannot really do anything for themselves. They depend utterly on vastly complex organizations, on fantastic machinery, on larger and larger money incomes. What if there is a breakdown, a strike, or unemployment? Does the government provide all that is needed? In some cases, yes; in other cases, no. Many people fall through the meshes of the safety net; and what then? They suffer; they become dispirited, even dispondent. Why can't they help themselves? Generally, the answer is only too obvious: they would not know how to; they have never done it before and would not even know where to begin.

    John Seymour can tell us how to help ourselves, and in this book he does tell us. He is one of the great pioneers of self-sufficiency. Pioneers are not for imitation but for learning from. Should we all do what John Seymour has done and is doing? Ofcourse not. Total self reliance is as unbalanced and ultimately stultifying as total organization. The pioneers show us what can be done, and it is for every one of us to decide what should be done, that is to say, what we should do to restore some kind of balance to our existence.

    Should I try to grow all the food my family and I require? If I tried to do so, I probably could do little else. And what about all the other things we need? Should I try to become a Jack of all trades? At most of these trades I would be pretty incompetent and horribly inefficient. But to grow or make some things by myself, for myself: what fun, what exhilaration, what liberation from any feelings of utter dependence on organizations! What is perhaps even more: what an education of the real person! To be in touch with actual processes of creation. The inborn creativity of people is no mean or accidental thing; neglect or disregard it, and it becomes an inner source of poison. It can destroy you and all your human relationships; on a mass scale, it can - nay, it inevitably will - destroy society.

    Contrariwise, nothing can stop the flowering of a society that manages to give free rein to the creativity of it's people - all it's people. This cannot be ordered and organized from the top. We cannot look to government, but only to ourselves, to bring about such a state of affairs. Nor should anyone of us go on "waiting for Godot" because Godot never comes. It is interesting to think of all the "Gotots" modern humanity is waiting for: this or that fantastic technical breakthrough; colossal new discoveries of oil and gasfields; automation so that nobody - or hardly anybody - will have to lift a finger any more; government policies to solve all problems once and for all ; multicultural companies to make massive investments in the latest and best technology; or simply " the next upturn of the economy".

    John Seymour has never been found "waiting for Godot". It is the essence of self reliance that you start now and don't wait for something to turn up.

    The technology behind John Seymour's self-sufficiency is still quite rudimentary and can of course be improved. The greater the number of practitioners the faster will be the rate of improvement, that is, the creation of technologies designed to lead people to self reliance, work-enjoyment, creativity, and therefore: the good life. This book is a major step along the road, and I wholeheartedly commend it to you,


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    Oh yeah

    I bought this book a few months and couldn't put it down. It is packed full of practical information. Every time I show it to someone they want to borrow it.

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    another great book to have id The Art of War by Sun Tzu

    The art of war has been around for 2000 years, it teaching is learn by all of the ceo's and the leaders of the world, i am not saying we should think like them, for god's know the leaders of this world is the reason why we are in this mess to begin with. but after all is said and done,whichever way the world goes, people will need strong leaders again, to maintain or restart a differnet enviroment in which to live, should we not learn proper ways of doing things the next time around,i read 2 books daily, my bible and the art of war
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    I bought John Seymours books and keep them at hand like my Bible.
    I have learned so much.
    I have also been studying permaculture and have plans to do just that.
    people around me wonder and even family think i am being overboard but when the you know what hits, they won't be thinking i am so overboard anymore. :p
    I figure that the more we can learn the more help we can be to others and so on.
    Learning is a life long adventure.
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    Thanks for sharing, it seems attractive!:2thumb:
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    Good Book

    Me being a military man and quite adept to all matters related to surviving i found that this book, is the only book that is needed for my library. I know when the SHTF this one book and my mind is all i will need for me and my family to exist.
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    I think the people in the middle east and asia would disagree with you there, and claim the art of war to be at least 3000 years old :)

    I personally strongly disagree with that statement. Not that there aren't a few rotten apples in leadership positions. But generally speaking those leaders of the world are exactly those people YOU wanted and voted for.

    But maybe thats just me being naive...

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    Can you tell me the title(s) of the books you're recommending? I picked up (but haven't yet read) "The Self-Sufficient life and how to live it". I'm on amazon.com and he has over 20 books. It appears he covers the same thing in many of them.
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    must read

    I ordered the self sufficiency book from Amazon. This is important if people care about their survival.
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    If one bothers to look at the history of the Early American pioneers one sees that a solution has already been developed.

    True it has been twisted and can hardly be recognized any longer.

    The solution was / is (IMHO) the frontieer town. This was how self reliant / sufficient individuals came together to use fair free trade without the presence of fear; force; or fraud; operating by mutual agreement to mutual benefit as percieved in the eyes of the actual participants to exchange portions of the fruit of one's labor for portions of the fruit of anothers.

    When theory reaches beyond the scope of towns, it breaks down into politics and power struggles.

    The classic example is that for dot gov to "give" a dollar to someone they must take more than a dollar from others to both support their own parasitism, along with supplying the "loot' to their consituants.

    I have heard it said that the difference between an IRS agent and common theif is that the IRS agent demands (at the figuritive point of a gun) the sanction of his victim. That is Food for Thought.
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    Just for FYI

    The top two books printed and purchased world wide are ....First....The Bible..... and 2nd Mao's little red book... go figure!
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    Thank you. I'm not new to bushcraft and self-sufficiency, but I am new to planning to live that way when TSHTF. On my reading list.
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    Just FYI to you too Hozay...

    @ SonnyJim: thanks, I bought the book used on Amazon for $5

    I have BOTH! - go figure... (got Mao's in Berkeley in 1968 when I was 22, the SDS was handing them out on the streets, NO- I'm not a joiner...)

    Mao said a couple of things in the book, that have enabled his decendants to gain power:

    Know you enemy inside and out, so that you can spot his weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Good wisdom... both ways.


    If you cannot beat the enemy on your terms, beat him on HIS terms... That's what they are doing now...

    The "Sleeping Dragon" is awakening... take note, America and the world !
    They are buying most of the real estate, oil and natural resources. Soon they will own everything...

    ...looks like they HAVE learned and are gaining!

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    That's a great price. I don't think I'll ever sell mine, I'll just keep it there even if I never have to refer to it, although I do all the time. Glad you found it.
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    I don't think one person including yourself would have the knowledge for everything on this planet. Some people are mechanics, some know construction, some know wild medicines. Many people know a bit of each. It's about community and comfort in TSHTF by preparing to live without modern ammenities and have the back to the land knowledge without technology. Maybe I should change the title to ' A Must Read for all Self- Sufficient People'. The book is about self sufficiency and not relying on society or the grid in many instances. You probably wouldn't have to eat roaches or have a dog to catch a feral pig if you had side bacon on your small farm and a glass of homemade beer from the grain in your field. Remember that old saying about 'Assuming'?
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    To be

    To Be sucessful in business, there are three books you should read, The Art of War, The Godfather and King Rat.

    To understand money and finance, read The Creature from Jeckyll Island.

    The Bible for wisdom !
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    Great post! Good timing.

    If you chose to have relief supplies to gather home, then you should know that the most important ones, which will provide you and your whole family eating well in disasters. Look for foods that last longer, so you have something to eat when emergencies. It is also important for you to store drinking water in the house to be used only for emergencies. This increases your chances of damaging disasters.
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    I have found the Foxfire books really good and have a lot of useful information
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