A Move To Confiscate Guns, How It Will Be Done?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by watchman220, Feb 4, 2010.

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    I don't think it would happen that way. Gun confiscation will have to be undertaken slowly and in steps. Anything else would spawn widespread armed rebellion. (Just my opinion of course.)

  3. UncleJoe

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    Agreed. It would be one baby step at a time so it goes virtually unnoticed.
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    I think that's called the boiling frog theory ain't it? turn up the heat slowly and the frog stays in the pot?...

    It could be that if they clamped down on food supplies and then did the guns for food thing a lot of sheeple would run in and trade...most true shooters and hunters won't fall for it...

    I do believe that gun control is only on the back burner at the moment, you will notice the Brady bunch have shut up so that tells me somebody told them to stop making waves and wait... there is a big ambush coming and soon, but not till "The One" has gotten his ship of fools back on course, I'd say after this coming Nov election cycle if he can gain back his lost approval ratings and they Dim-O -Craps can stay in power then it will come... and I think it will come right out of the dark with no bugles nor fan fair..just whack!...

    Nobody who's a thinking person will let this breather slip away... get em now! get em fast! and if possible buy them all from private party's..

    I have a very good friend who's a FED Leo and has been for 30 years, he owns over 400 guns, not on is papered... tell ya something huh...
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    From some research I've done. There is no "O" gun law. That rumor was spread in my opinion by the Rep's to cause influence in the elec. The legislation that, that referred to died in 77 and had nothing to do with "O"
    Besides, they would have to know who has them to take them. I don't think they would be so bold as to go house to house. If so, I wouldn't want to be on that detail.:club:
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    I agree. I think the banning of most ammunition is a much more probable short term outcome ( and I have been preparing for that )
  7. Ghost

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    I live in California, and for that reason I think it began a long time ago. First no carying in public, then no full auto etc... Now they take away the 50 BMG and have tried taking away all semi auto's. No ammo can be shipped to LA, OAkland, SanFrancisco and Sacramento by Internet ammo dealers. Did I leave anything out???
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    Don't give up yet, the ammo bill does not take affect until 2011, and my local assemblyman is working hard to stop it.
    If you haven't done so yet email your local representative and ask him respectively to help in opposing it.
    This is one of the emails I received from him:

    I agree with the rest of your statement though...:gaah:
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    Historically bans/ confiscations first require enumeration this is typically done through license, permits, registration, tax stamps, any type of system that requires collection of info by government or business acssable to government of who has what and where. Then a ban is passed because they know where to go and what to take thats what happened in Australia

    So, look for some type of registration, gun ownership permit, storage requirement verified by government through inspection

    by the way CC permit is registration of you as a gun owner just something to think about
  10. Ghost

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    I'm happy to see we still have a politition with a brain. Bad guys will not be deterred and crime will not go down? Sounds like what me and everyone I know has been saying for decades...

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    I agree 100 percent with that statement. We have open carry here and a lot of folk's have their C&C permit's. Thought about getting mine well i,am on the fence now, just don't know. I have always carried anyway. Leaning toward it because i know if they go looking for them, then it's time to not give them up.
  12. pdx210

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    The supreme court has ruled on the 2nd amendment.

    Personally i think the new push will be in the form "making guns safe and secure"

    -liability insurance requirements to own a gun.
    -ammo & gun ownership taxes, licensing,
    -complex storage requirements
    -expensive and unreliable high tech safety/ marking requirements( ammo serial number system was one example)

    framed right and these essentially ban guns without actually baning them by making them too expensive for most.
  13. NavyKen

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    Ten years ago I would have said yes. But lately there has been a trend (granted very slow but gaining speed) toward more gun freedoms. So join the NRA support your local shooting ranges, Join a local gun club and above all keep writing your representatives.
  14. NavyKen

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    I am a lot less apprehensive today about confiscation than I was a year ago but that does not mean I don't worry.

    Just remember that registration ALWAYS precedes confiscation.
  15. ditzyjan56

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    Can Uncle Sam monitor our forum? I plan to pay for everything with cash and not to go through distributers.
  16. Jason

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    Anyone can monitor anything on the net.
  17. greaseman

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    when it gets down to the meat of the issue, there are many ways to effectively control gun ownership. The previous posts touch on these various steps. The government really doesn't have to worry about gun ownership issues if they control anmmunition. The liberals and progressive gun haters in our government are not stupid. They know how to do an end run around an issue.

    I recently heard about the government trying to get laws on the books to require ammo manufacturers to put agents in the gunpowder used in bullets, that would make the powder no good after a year. I believe anything is possible with the government we have.

    I also believe that with the ammount of guns in the US, that it wouldbe impossible to seize everyones ' guns. Much easier to just make them illegal to own, but still difficult to enforce. Except in special occasions, the idea of the police being able to go house to house and physically removing registered or even unregistered guns, seems unreal to any great extent. If the SHTF thing was in full swing, I think most public law enforcement would have their hands full just holding the line. In my area of the country, the local county sheriffs in some areas are staffed at such a low level, that they can't keep some local county jails open because of budget shortfalls for detention deputies. That is a more real problem that probably many areas will continue to have, and the problem will only get worse.

    If serious rioting starts in the US, I just don't see local or Federal officials wasting time going to peacefull areas searching for lawfully owned guns. But I could be wrong, as again, nothing suprises me about our current goverment. I would be suprised if they didn't try some devious way to go around the Constitutional right to own firearms.

    As a precaution though, it might be a good idea to buy a few "private" ownership guns from the want ads, those likely being unregistered. Sounds like a plan.
  18. greaseman

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    Good point about the NRA. I recently joined, and I'm glad I did. I also go to the gun range real regular, and practice. I also drag the wife along so she can at least become proficient, and understand safe handling of weapons. Plus, we have fun, (at least I do):woohoo:
  19. NavyKen

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    greaseman, not to deviate too far from the topic but I wanted to address two issues you touched on. Cam and Company on NRA news (NRA.com) and Serious Patriot Ch 144 explored the issue of self expiring ammunition. When asked about an additive to smokeless powder to deactivate the ammunition after a year the major manufacturers said that the most likely result would be an unstable dangerous product.

    As to doing a private gun transaction to get an "unregistered gun". There is a big misconception that all guns are registered when in reality only a hand full of states require gun registration. Hollywood has advanced this belief. You watch a TV show and the cops get on a computer and say John Q Citizen purchased a What ever gun on what ever date. This is actually EXTREMELY hard to do in cities that don not have compulsive registration like New York and New Jersey. Take Virginia for example, if the police do a search for a serial number (assuming they even have that) the best result they can hope for would be Kimber sold this 1911 custom carry to Superior Pawn and gun on such a date and they indicate it sold on what ever date. The paper trail ends there (sort of) If they police are dumb enough they could subpoena for the form 4473 but I don't see that happening, It has been tried in the past but failed every single time. And all the gun dealers I know are prepared to burn all their 4473's if there is a massive attempt at seizure (they actually have road flares near the filing cabinets).
  20. Ponce

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    The government will try to make felons out of as many Americans as they can so that they wont be able to buy or own a firearm........a good example ... the two kids that were trowing snow balls.

    WARNING.....DO NOT...I SAY AGAIN....DO NOT put any new guns or new ammo in the same place that you keep your old guns or ammo.....why?.....I won't tell you how I found out, so lets call it "a rummor", that they will hide some chips inside of the stock of the guns and boxes of ammo that will give a signal easy to follow.........and that's it.

    This is being already done in Afghanistan where the American troops "looses" some of their equipment that ends up in the "enemy" hands......a few days later KABOOOOOOOOOOOOM, there goes the enemy.