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    Some folks want the solution of 'contracting out' for government services. For example, they figure the Department of Licensing might be better served by a company than an agency. Correctional Corporation of America run prisons for Fed agencies, different states and municipalities so instead of Federal, State, or local officers running the place you have company employees and this leads to horrible problems, especially when the inmates don't recognize a badge that's not supported by any government directly. I can't imagine how it'd be if you found yourself dealing with a corporation instead of the government for essential functions that you'd assume to be governmental.

    What happens if the companies doing the contracting are foreign?
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    It wouldn't surprise me if, due to the backlash from decades of government waste, inefficiency, union pandering and government grab of big healthcare, we see the privatization of many functions the government has historically held (as has become the norm in military operations these days). This will be mainly propped up by the "new" politicians as reducing waste and spending. Ultimately, it will be more about moving the "thorns" (difficult and expensive) out of their sides and appeasing the smaller government crowd.

    I doubt we'll see a whole lot of majority foreign entities taking these roles, although I could see "global" companies (BAE Systems and the like) picking some of them up. But, since guvment can't seem to generate a single job lately, I see them writing the rules so that most of the jobs and control would have to be based stateside, at least for the near term.

    Scary? Probably not any more scary than privatization of combat forces to private security contractors...

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    That has all ready happened (except law inforcement) here in the GWN , All that is acomplished is extra layers of management to pay more money to. privatization leads to worse working conditions, medicre service and double the costs (2 layers of beaurocracy on the top) more buck passing.......:gaah:
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    I've found private corporations more responsive than government bureaucracy. The problem I've seen is that outsourcing those services tends to be more expensive for the consumer although my experiences in that department have been minimal.

    One thing I'd expect to see is more payoffs and back-room deals made between influential congress critters (mostly of the skunk type) and corporate heads or stock holders. Much like some of them have gotten rich off of contracts pertaining to Iraq and Afghanistan and our involvement there.