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    I Want People to Be Mentally Prepared For What’s Coming Our Way
    Author: Mac Slavo- December 1st, 2010
    Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News gives us the real deal on where our economy was at the height of the bubble in 2006 compared to today:

    I want to bring you some statistics that are negative by nature. It’s not because I’m negative or I want to say bad things about my country. It’s that I want people to be, at least if nothing else, mentally prepared for what’s coming our way.

    (Video below)

    The following are some highlight stats provided by Charlie:

    2006 2010

    Unemployment 4.5% 9.5%
    Food Stamps 26 million 42 million
    Personal Income $51,700 $50,200
    Troubled Banks 47 860 (unofficially 2000)
    CA Construction - Down 77%
    US Sovereign Debt $9 Trillion $14 Trillion

    It’s clear that we are nowhere near a recovery and that, in fact, things have gotten worse.

    The U.S. is now in a Catch 22, with no easy way out. All options lead to more misery.

    If the Fed continues to print money to monetize debt, the eventual (and most likely) outcome will be severe inflation, if not all out hyperinflation. The government can continue to spend billions upon trillions, but it is not going to cause our economy to miraculously return to prosperity. The exact opposite effect will occur.

    The flip side of the coin is something we mentioned in Here Comes the Sledgehammer. If the government were to implement austerity measures and stop spending money on stimulus, bailouts, unemployment assistance, medical care and cut other social programs, then the little guy on the street will feel it almost immediately.

    Yesterday we pointed out that nearly 2 million people across the nation have lost their emergency unemployment benefits. That’s 2 million already struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table with a weekly assistance check. That check is now gone. In addition, we have over 30 million more Americans currently receiving unemployment assistance - but within 99 weeks of today, their benefits will run out too. And because of necessary budget and spending cuts, it is likely they are not going to get any extensions, meaning that by December of 2012, all of those 30 million people currently on unemployment are going to be without any sort of income whatsoever.

    For those holdouts who say jobs will return, consider that just today we learned over 100,000 people applied for 1000 Delta Airlines flight attendant jobs. And this is not an isolated incident, as evidenced by the 700 people who applied for a single janitorial position in an Ohio school district. Any jobs that pay a little more than minimum wage are becoming highly competitive. And for those who are now off unemployment insurance, even minimum wage is starting to look like a dream career.

    Remember, also, that job losses going forward will not be limited to just the private sector. Analyst Meredith Whitney estimates that at least two million jobs will be eliminated by state and local governments.

    McGrath: I Want People to Be Mentally Prepared For What's Coming Our Way
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  2. Mentally Prepared

    Very true lotsoflead.
    Sad part is most would rather be surprised than deal with reality thats as clear as the nose on ones face. Thats why we both have lots of lead, grub, gaz, medical supplies, a hunny to squeeze out there, solar power, wind power, a small scale hydro electric drop flume rig, gold, silver, seeds and good lands, patience to let those seeds grow and a place to store the bounty,our own water supply, great prepper neighbors also outfitted with the above, community patrols, social events, barter items and multi skills..to name a few ways being prepared is sane, sensible and fun..best time I have ever had over the past 6 or 7 years has been prepping..:D
    Same here in Canada..what affects America affects us.. already we see the slow starvation of our economics. Crime escalates and addictions are epidemic. Add political disengagement, govt incompetence and corporate sellouts. Pollution is choking. NAU is just another Corporate globalists scam toward One World Govt, their pride and joy scam of all scams.:mad:
    Seems that the sheeple actually want this NWO pig in a poke sales pitch.
    OK..have it. :dunno: Just so long as these bleeters don't come sneakin around my back door lookin for some thing of mine to steal. But they will, once. I refuse to answer on the grounds it may tend to incriminate me..:canflag:


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    This is another reason to crack down on illegal immigrants,we don't have enough jobs for our citizens. It's time for a moratorium on future immigration and deportation of those here illegally.
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    So true lotsoflead, I am amazed everyday at the attitude of my co-workers and family members. We have tried to get bothers and sisters on board, but only one has started prepping and that was due to a program at their church about the same thing we had been saying for over a year. After the program my sister called and said I think you were right where do I start. Maybe there is hope.
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    Unfortunately, the Public Sector has NO expectation of competence from its workers. The Legacy Costs (ie pensions) of the Public Sector employees will be staggering, because it takes so little time to become 'vested' (as little as 5 years in some cases), also many 'rotational' govt employees are double & triple dipping be becoming vested in one branch, transfering to another, and then using their previous post as 'experience' to beat out others for the position AND to shorten the time it takes to become vested at the new position/organization. I personally know more than one person who is employed by a govt agency that 'works from a home office' and 'in the field' that gets their entire week's quota of work done on Monday, their 'timeclock' is merely a log-on that can be done by any gadget with an internet connection

    to me that says the quotas are too low, especially for $100k+/yr jobs :gaah: