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    One of the "reasons" for this change in power is said to be the rise in unemployment and rising food prices. The report states Egypts' unemployment rate is a steady 10% (although higher among younger adults just as the U.S.) and 70% live on $2 a day or less. Most americans live on much more but our unemployment is similiar and food costs are raising daily as is most of this world. The Jordan President canned his cabinet trying to be one step ahead. Riots were reported in Yemen. The power in the middle east seems to be under an entire regime change. America gets its oil cheaper than most countries in the world and we still cry at the pumps. Talk of inflation and hyperinflation continues and no ones' pay seems to inflate.

    So how will the aftermath effect the west and do you think our economy can go on business as usual much longer?
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    Much of our media wants us to think the Egyptian demonstrations are from some sort of organic, developing desire for democracy. Mention of unemployment and a food crisis is just on the side.

    I'm sorry, but when people are hungry, that's what motivates them. They don't suddenly have an uprising for democracy. They have an uprising for relief. That makes them extremely vulnerable.

    We need to pay attention to exactly what is going on over there, because it could be happening here much sooner than we realize. Our fiat currency, globally interrelated economy has been built on scaffolding instead of a firm foundation. Our economy is not strong enough to withstand the shock.

    Can we go on business-as-usual much longer? I don't know, but my gut meter has me almost wishing I could go back to sticking my head in the sand... :eek:

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    Ben and his cronies cannot keep artificially inflating the stockmarket with their artificial money and not expect it to come tumbling down. Food and fuel prices are going up here daily and the little people are soon to explode like the people of Egypt.