A First: Fully Armed Chinese Missile Frigate Spotted Off Libyan Coast

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    Though China abstained from a UN Security Council vote authorizing a no-fly-zone in Libya, and are not among the 16 nation coalition involved in Operation Odyssey Dawn, for the first time in modern day naval history, a Chinese warship sailed in the Mediterranean Sea. The 4000 ton Xuzhou missile frigate sailed to Libya after having been deployed of the coast of Yemen, on the other side of the Red Sea, a few days ago.

    The missile frigate’s role is not exactly clear, but based on China’s position thus far it is not likely that the ship is part of the US, UK and French led attack. The People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s newspaper, earlier pointed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and criticized the US for launching a third attack “on a sovereign nation,” so the chances that China is providing assistance are slim. While China may be flexing some of its military might, they are more than likely in the area strictly to observe operations – for the time being.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQVRZtV8Kg0]YouTube - 4,000 Ton China Missile Frigate Off Libya Coast[/ame]
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    What are these guys trying to provoke WW3? Hope they got subs down there too or else that boat wont get 2 missles off before its sunk.

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    They are taking notes on fleet ops - they are building their own ocean-going battle fleet after all! Your WalMart dollars at work.
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    I absolutely refuse to shop at China-Mart.
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    Take a good hard look at the last 25 years...

    We have NO one to blame but ourselves.

    I know you don't like what I'm saying, but dammit - it's the truth! I have warned and warned and warned in forums and blogs till I was blue in the face - everyone was wayyy too busy talking about Hollywood to listen!

    We sold out to them. Now it's quickly coming home to roost.

    We shut down our industries and factories and sold all the machines to them.

    We handed them our future and our childrens future, now THEY will become a superpower and WE will become a 3rd world country...

    WE ARE BROKE... they are our mortgage holders and the whole payment will come due very soon! Repossesion of the USA??!! Every last one of us owes about $50,000 to this 17 trillion deficit that they have financed for our big happy never-ending party! COUGH IT UP!! NOW!! yeah, right...

    We send them millions of tons of junked cars, they stamp them right into AK-47's and put them in the hands of an invasionary force that 10 times bigger than our armed services.

    Out kids text message all day long and drop out of school, thier kids excel in mathematics and engineering passing us up like we are standing still...

    It is DAMN scary what's gonna happen next... WAR? ha! -they can afford to lose 100 million+ people, no problem (it solves thier overpopulation)... don't forget they have have ICBMs with nuke warheads too (Clinton gave them the guidance systems, remember?).

    现在起至年月日全程体验网上车险即可参加 ? Better learn now! :gaah:
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    What about online car insurance?? Is that what it says? :)
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    BasecampUSA has hit the nail on the head. I refuse to shop at China Mart also. After the Japaneese attacked Pearl Harbor their Admiral Yamamoto (I believe) commented "they had awoken a sleeping giant" We have done the same thing with China.

    The Japaneese only wanted to dominate our auto industry. The Chineese want to dominate all of our industry and they are doing a good job of it. The sad thing is we are the ones who have delivered ourselves to them. They have identifyed our weakness "cheap goods" and are using it to their advantage against us.

    Remember China and Russia are still communist countries and the goal of communism is to bring down capitalism. That is the end they are working for, if they can't do it on the battlefield, they will do it in the boardroom.
  8. BasecampUSA

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    Very sobering:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL9Wu2kWwSY]YouTube - Did You Know?[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzCQ219bxl8&feature=related]YouTube - Did you know ? Human Capital Edition - 2009[/ame]
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    Those videos were VERY interesting. Makes me wonder why I'm going to college!