A First-aid kit can be a good gift idea

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    Since a week back, I have begun to think of a first-aid kit as a great gift idea for families. What made me think of this unusual gift idea was a sudden minor accident of the hostess at a lunch my family was invited to. The hosts were a nice couple who invited us over for a lunch. The hostess was apparently frying something (perhaps, some fries) in the cooking oil and just in the matter of moments, we witnessed her having a lot of hot oil spilled on her skin. Ah, thanks to the freezing cold water that was running through the kitchen tap that eased the burning sensation a bit for them. However, there was no first aid kit instantly available. Her husband and I, both ran to a local store to buy some cotton, antiseptic, bandages, and an ointment for immediate relief.

    Just thought about this and concluded that a first-aid kit can be one of the most useful things, and hence a great gift idea. Think about it and please share your thoughts!
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    I agree that a first aid kit is a great gift I would also venture to say if these people dont have a firs aid kit they probably dont have aworking knowledge of how to use it. I would suggest you at a minimum find a first aid with a good how to guide. The best option would be to encourage them to take a basic first aid course. Just a few thoughts.

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    I think this is a great gift idea. Some family members may be a bit puzzled and give the "ohhhh..... thaaaankyou.... yeah, this is ummm...etc." but they will be thanking you if/when they have to use it. I have saved a bunch of medical supplies from my tour overseas and as well as the stuff they gave us for medical training and have made up a home kit, bug out bag kit, and car kit from them all. The kits come with tourniquets which you can not legally used as they can cause blood clots but in an emergency I don't think the person will care, I certainly wouldn't.
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    30 years ago I was an EMT and taught first aid and CPR. I have an extensive first aid kit in every vehicle and several in the house. I buy a good kit, then add to it to cover a lot of other problems that might come up. I think everybody should take a good first aid / CPR class and keep them current!
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    We gave out first aid kits (for Christmas) to family members a few years ago. Told everyone that putting the kits together was a big project the boys did based on what they were learning with Boy Scouts. Manipulative on my part, but my family loves anything their grandsons/nephews put together. :)
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    I'm still thinking you make this stuff up to sell the products in your sig line.

    Although I do agree with the premise, I don't believe your stories. If you come clean, I'll quit razzing you but your posts are shameful considering what you're selling.

    PS. You don't have a link for first-aid kits in your sig. Better add it...