A Dose of Reality At The Mexican Border

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    There are at least 2 sides to every story and this guy gives us a view of the immigration issue from someone who lives inside an area near the border.

    There are real threats down there near Fort Huachuca. High Speed Chases. Living on edge as choppers shine the search light in your back yard.

    This guy gives people an idea of what it is really like, and why Arizona passed the recent laws to enforce the identification and expulsion of ILLEGAL immigrants.


    I have no problem with Mexicans. I like speaking Spanish and I appreciate parts of the culture, but being here illegally should be dealt with. The drug traffic is outrageous...and lining somebody's pockets....someone I surely do not know.

    There is a problem when illegals are running for the hills over my property after the new law is passed. Rightly so...they should run because they are scared of getting caught.

    Those who are not breaking the law have no fear of the enforcement of law or it's penalties. I say enforce the law and encourage legal immigration, no matter how long the waiting list. It is what it is.
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    Immigration Issues: Getting Out of Mexico is Not Easy

    One of the little known factors related to illegal immigration by Mexicans into the US is the fact that getting permission to leave Mexico for a Mexican can be time consuming and very costly. It is for that reason as much as the difficulty of getting an American entrance visa that Mexicans choose to cross the border illegally. They are not just entering the US illegally, they are leaving Mexico illegally.

    Much is made of changing US immigration policies and making entrance into the US easier. That will not totally solve the problem of illegal immigration.

    The Mexican government must take part in the effort to stem illegal immigration by making it easier for Mexicans to leave Mexico. Getting a visa often requires many visits to immigation and each visit involves a substantial fee. Mexico generates a lot of income from these fees and consequently encourages multiple applications, each application requires another fee, as such the government is not very inclined to change the process.

    I'm not sure how the Mexican government treats the return of illegal immigrants at the border. I'm not sure if they have to sneak back in or not.
    I'll check that out.

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    My wife is on the Amtrak train from Chicago to Whitefish (MT) today. The border patrol got on to look for illegal aliens at one of their stops. Asked if you're an illegal alien then tell you to show some ID. First, you have to show ID to get your ticket so what were they looking for? Just trying to get people ready for more "I'm-a-fed-and-I'm-in-your-face" nonsense? The last time I crossed back into the US from Canada a Border Patrol agent told me that a driver's license didn't prove I was a citizen. Maybe a push for national ID? Maybe trying to show people they are doing "something?" (Like making fools out of themselves?)

    Living next to the northern border of the US the general feeling around here is that the Border patrol is a bunch of clowns most noted for hassling little gray haired, blue eyed, white grandmas so they won't ever be accused of "profiling." Meanwhile, talk to people who own land along the border and they'll tell you about the drug runners walking across the border a mile to either side of the port of entry.
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    Well, they sure do promote illegal crossing without saying they do though:

    A guide was posted here, but has since been removed:
    So I've attached the original Spanish language here in PDF

    Here is the link to the English translation.
    Translation of Mexican Invasion Handbook

    Yes, they say it's illegal to cross without the correct papers, but they sure do give enough tips on how to get away with it

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    RE: Go Home

    Anytime people that are not suppost to be here.... Don't like the way we do things.......They can pack there trash...grab there snotty nose kids out of our schools...and go home.....I mow my own yard...clean my own toilet....and can make a taco.... all by my self.....

    What if we here in America enforced the same laws that Mexico enforces on people who over stay there welcome in Mexico......Would we still be the R word
    Dr. Prepper