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A new post-apocalyptic book has just been released by author Lloyd Tackitt. "A Distant Eden" is a hybrid technical survival manual, and adventure novel. Mr. Tackitt's book has already garnered excellent reviews and is on sale in major e-book outlets for 99 cents. At 218 pages of well edited information and a driving story, it's a steal. The paperback version is a well made high quality book on sale for $6.99.

It's a story of survival after a large solar storm permanently destroys the electrical grid. This is particularly relevant in the current sun cyle of increasing solar storms. It is relevant to many other large and small scale disaster situations as well.

In "A Distant Eden" 300 million Americans are instantly plunged into a world they don't understand and aren't prepared for. Only three percent will survive. This is a fierce world where everything revolves around one key commodity - food. This fast paced easy reading novel will not only entertain, it demonstrates the priorities of survival, how to obtain food and safe drinking water in a world where every living person is willing to die to get them; because they are dying without them.

Do you know what it will take to survive? Do you know how to purify drinking water using solar ultraviolet radiation and a plastic bottle? Do you know the first thing you have to do when millions of starving people take to their feet to plunder and pillage for their very survival? You can find out. Down load your copy today, or order the paperback.
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