A Crossroad is on the Horizon

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    A Crossroad is on the Horizon

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    Yes we are at a crossroads at this moment, Marxism is slowly creeping into our country and yes this has a historical base like Russia in 1917 and yet we have become fat and lazy and do nothing.

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    We should expect violence when Trump wins the election. We already know that Democrat mayors will let their cities burn while the police are forced to stand down. All the polls show Biden with a big lead so when he loses they'll use that as a justification for violence. Deep State people have been wargaming various post election scenarios. In the event of a Trump victory Biden would refuse to concede. Democratic governors would demand recounts if their states went for Trump. West coast governors would threaten to secede unless DC and Puerto Rico because states and California was divided into 5 states. We know that the next Democratic president will pack the court. Once that happens American democracy as we know it today will be gone forever. So most likely it's gone forever whenever the Democrats win the White House again.
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