A Bit of Fun to Help You Learn to Survive Disaster

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    You can start your day with a little fun at a website, Survival Quiz, that helps people learn a serious subject in a fun manner, for free.
    I created the quizzes as a service, since I had to figure out how to get my own family prepared. I figured if I was doing the work anyway, I might as well write it up in the form of quizzes and guides so others wouldn't have to suffer through learning about such a dour subject without having some fun doing it.
    The free quizzes from "Helping Children Survive" to Hurricanes & Tornadoes" to the most popular "Nuclear Disaster" are available on the site, Survival Quiz. You can play the Quizzes, read the new Guides, rate each one, read comments, add your own voice, and visit a store with some interesting and useful stuff in an emergency.
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    Looks like something fun to do!