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Food: Cliff Bars, MRE,
Drink: 32 oz Nalgene
First Aid: Quick Clot, 2 Tourniquet, about 20 Bandaids, Israeli bandage, 4 Gauze Pads, Sanitary Gloves, Some kind of medical tape(10 yards)
Tools: Strider DBL Fixed blade, Leatherman
Maps and Travel Information: Compass, Garmin Foretrex GPS W/ extra batteries, Map
Clothing: Extra socks, poncho, gortex Multicam shell, winter gloves/work gloves
Communication: Cell phone
Lighting: Surefire Defender w/ extra batteries, Surefire headlamp w/ extra batteries
Shelter: Poncho with bungee cord and rope

As a 14 year old with a limited budget, there isn\'t much I can buy, but I save up and do my best to set up a bag to get home, where I will bug in with my family. In Alaska, there is plenty of natural resources for food and water, but shelter in the winter is an issue. This is my summer bag so there is no winter gear. After seeing the boston bombings, I added another Tourniquet.

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