'98 & '01 Floods

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by Lyle, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Lyle

    Lyle Guest

    I survived the 1998 and 2001 floods of Canyon Lake & New Braunfels (Comal Country)!!
  2. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Where they that bad? Did anyone die? Let us know more about what you went through.

  3. JeepHammer

    JeepHammer Well-Known Member

    We had some pretty serious flooding in May/June of this year here.
    About half a years total rain fall in less than a week!

    I learned some things about vehicle maintinance!

    I do a lot of 'Off Roading' and some 'Muddin', but I wasn't prepared for 5' of water!
  4. dragonfly

    dragonfly Guest

    What's that weird screeching sound a car makes if it goes through too deep of water?
  5. slugger

    slugger New Member

    could be your belts slipping due to getting wet or it could be the brakes got some crud in them and are grinding?

    when is it making the noise and where is it coming from?

  6. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Lots of people here in the South die each year from trying to cross low water crossings in a flood. Not recommended at all.
  7. Papa Bear

    Papa Bear New Member

    flood of 98

    We had a flood here in 98, Del Rio TX.

    The water came down at a rate you could not believe. I had 12 inches in my living room. I could not getbtwo of my children out It was the scarest I have ever been. We surivied not because of my planning but of luck.

    The Bapist Men cooked meals and the Salvation Army brought them to us.

    We had electric but no water. A hardest togat along with man across the street ran his pump and we connected garden hoses so we could clean up.
  8. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    How soon between the start of the rain and 12" in your house was it?
  9. Deon

    Deon Guest

    I too survived the '98 and '01 floods of Comal County. In '98 there houses from along the river that ended up floating down the river....the whole house....floating down the river! It was a crazy site to see. We also now have a huge gorge that was made by gushing waters. Many of the houses along the river have been rebuilt and repaired with a little more work done to keep from happening again.
  10. JeepHammer

    JeepHammer Well-Known Member

    In Late May, very early June we had half a years rain in a week, about 25".
    we had 8" of rain in 3.5 hours at one point here, and some places just to the north of us got 12" of rain in that same 3 hour to 3.5 hour time frame.

    Water was ankle deep on the road when we went into get some old folks at the nursing home that were already trapped, and the water rose 18" in 15 minutes!

    What was ankle deep when we went in was 31" deep when we finally got everyone loaded and got out of there!

    Take some advice, You don't own ANYTHING that is worth your life!
    When the rescuer tells you to drop everything and get on the truck or wagon or boat....
    Unless you REALLY want to die!

    Just a few people held us up until we very nearly couldn't get everyone back out!

    I had a dedicated off-roader that sets up high, and it's got a snorkel, plus it's set up for mud bogs and water holes...
    Mine doesn't drown out like stock vehicles do, so in our case, we were just LUCKY!

    If I would have had a stock vehicle, we wouldn't have made it back out, and most of the hold up was just a few people that didn't want to leave behind the dumbest stuff!
    Some people wanted to take kitchen appliances, furniture, ect. with water already knee deep in the building, and they WOULD NOT let go of this crap!

    Anyway, we survived, no one we went after died, and all is in the past now!...