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One issue...

Gun owners are making this individual a Cause célèbre, for gun rights, however, this fool brought this upon himself with a stupid manipulative statement he made to his mother that panicked her. He initiated this by talking stupidly without thinking about consequences or to make impact in that conversation.

I don't want him to be a gun owner:

On that day, Aitken, an entrepreneur, media consultant and graduate student, had told his mother that his life wasn't worth living anymore after his ex-wife canceled visitation with their young son. When he left the house, Sue Aitken called the police out of concern, but hung up before they answered.

He told his mother life isn't worth living, hung up and according to a report didnt' answer the phone so she called the cops. He did this in such a manner that his mother felt he wasn't blowing off steam. He deliberately and wilfully used trigger words which is manipulative or telling.

Freed, gun-owner wants to clear his name | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/22/2010

I don't want our gun rights tied to the actions and choices of this individual. He needed to lose his firearms rights for what he said. Should he be in prison? No, certainly not. Should he ever have his firearms returned? No! This clown might off himself and provide fodder for anti gunners.
Survive, you stated, "He needed to lose his firearms rights for what he said."

Hmmmm. No trial or anything, huh? So if someone claims you said something 'off the wall', bang. You lose your 2nd Amendment rights.

And no. He was not tried and sent to prison for possessing a gun and saying life isn't worth living. He was sent to prison for possessing a firearm without proper licensing and possessing (gag gag) hollow point bullets.

Bear in mind, he did not threaten himself or anyone else. He was simply despondent because he would not see his kids. As a sidebar, a relative of mine has been suffering from a severe intestinal disorder for most of his life. Many times when he has been in pain and his life was completely disrupted, he has stated he wishes he would just die. No he has not killed himself -- but he should have no right to own firearms?

How many times have you (and the rest of us) said something like, "I'd like to kill that little creep." Boom! We lose our right to possess firearms.

You take 2nd Amendment rights a little more lightly than I do.
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