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"Seventy-six percent (76%) of Americans say it is at least somewhat likely that a terrorist group will detonate a nuclear weapon in the next 25 years, and that includes 45% who say it is Very Likely. "

This is from a Rasmussen poll and from Obambi's embrace of the Ground Zero Mosque I think they are probably right, that is if we can't surrender fast enough.

45% Think Terrorists Very Likely To Detonate Nuke In Next 25 Years - Rasmussen Reports™

If you read who's behind this project it's about what you would expect.

The Ground Zero mosque and media conquest of Islam

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You are quoting the Canada Free Press as a 'Credible' source? Really?


The likelihood of a full thermonuclear detonation (fission) by a terrorist group, especially a state sponsored terrorism like North Korea or Iran is pretty likely,
Since it's already happened, North Korea has already detonated a fission device, with enough fission to be detected from space.

I can't tell you what the likelihood of a fission device being used on a civilian population in a terror attack is...
Since even as crazy as Kim Jong-il is, he has to know that if he uses a nuclear device his country will be overrun in no time.

It's the sneaky groups like al-Qaida that don't have a nuclear program or the resources to start one that worry me the most in this area.
Since they aren't likely to acquire fissionable materials, it's not likely they will use a fissionable nuclear device anytime soon.

Plus you have to consider all the conflicts going on around the world,
We have issue with al-Qaida, but there is Basque Separatist in Spain,
IRA in Ireland/Briton, Russians have Chechen Republic, South America has at least 3 different groups causing a stink down there, ect.
And probably a 100 different conflicts around the world.

It's a toss up to who would be able to buy a nuclear device, and where they would deploy it. We are pretty far down on that list since it would have to be imported into the US, then detonated here while the largest intelligence push ever in the history of the world is on right now.

Right now, the best funded is the Columbian Communists, they are making BILLIONS off the cocaine trafficking, but since the US is their 'Cash Cow', it doesn't make sense to get the US clamped on their asses.
Right now, the US is pretty much ignoring that issue south of our borders and the sleeping wad of humanity in the US is focused on the Middle East.

I'm much more concerned with a conventional attack on things like our wide open power and utilities grids, like drinking water, electricity, gas pumping stations, ect.

In the global scope of things,
A low yield nuclear strike in the US would be a popcorn fart of a gesture,
Since the US is one of the most hardened countries to nuclear attack,
(Via Presidents Eisenhower & Kennedy building fall out shelters in government buildings all through the 50s, 60s & 70s)

A nuclear attack would bring world condemnation and a free hand to deal with the 'Terrorists Group' or 'Country' that allowed it to happen.
Same way allowing 9/11 to happen allowed all this military action since then, or allowing the attack on Pearl Harbor allowed for entry into WW-II.

The likelihood of a 'Dirty Bomb' would be more likely, but a 'Dirty Bomb' is really a joke amongst the radiation educated...
About anything can be cleaned of radiation, access to highly radioactive materials is controlled like nuclear fissionable material, and guarded just as well.
Low grade nuclear material will be just about as effective as the anthrax was,
There MIGHT be a few die, but mostly it's just going to be a huge pain in the ass to clean up.

Hybrid explosives would be a MUCH better and more efficient way to do things, like Fuel/Air explosives, ect., but thank goodness the hate mongers and religion/races aren't too smart and don't pump that aspect of things.

I don't know, I can't tell you where or when a nuclear attack might happen,
And since I can't control it, I don't worry about it!
I'm more worried about keeping what I've got and having something in my old age!

I'm canning my garden, putting up WAY too much food into a root cellar that already has more than I'll be able to eat in 3-5 years, sitting on my deep rock water well, powering up my 'Homestead' with renewable solar, and generally living the good life in the meantime!

I couldn't do anything about GWB getting elected TWICE, and that was much more devastating for this country in general than any potential 'Nuclear Threat'!

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Weird world we live in.

Starting this thread about the chance of terrorist attack and the tolerance of our current politicians for extremism was just to start a conversation. I believe you're right on assuming that another form of attack is more likely but to me the poll reveals that more and more sheeple are getting nervous and with good reason. I believe that if the little voice in the back of your mind is saying you need to worry, take a look around for what's wrong. What the poll says is there are a lot of people are hearing that voice and getting scared. This forum and others like it are getting popular because they want to be ready for whatever. TV shows are showing how to prepare (Best Defense Survival) and fantasying about survival (The Colony). Google zombie survival and you'll find survival sites and forums in hiding. People are nervous.

Reading about the shortage of wheat in Russia due to the fires and the loss of rice in Pakistan due to floods makes me wonder if food shortages are coming in other parts of the world causing civil unrest.
Iran is receiving nuclear fuel this week from Russia for their reactor, another step closer to a bomb. Will they launch one themselves or give one to Hezbollah, who knows?
It all adds up to an uncertain and dangerous future that we're all concerned about.

Like you I'm worried about the small picture too because taking care of my family is all I have control over. And I'm doing everything there I can.

As far as GWB goes I think you've read too much lame stream media. I'm not a big fan of his but he was better then what we've got now. GWB at least believed in this country and stuck to his beliefs. BHO seems to ignore what America wants and hates what it stands for, which is why he's trying to remake it in his leftwing image.
Using the Canada Free Press article was because I couldn't find another article I read the other day but while it's an opinion site it's not as dishonest as most of the lame stream media. If you want dishonest articles try huffpo or the dailykos.

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Reading about the shortage of wheat in Russia due to the fires and the loss of rice in Pakistan due to floods makes me wonder if food shortages are coming in other parts of the world causing civil unrest.
Here in Canada, we are having a horrible time growing the grains as well. Last I heard, too many fields were flooded with water at the time of seeding, too many fields flooded after seeding and it has been relatively cold and wet through our prairies. One of the reports I heard was that over 30% of our fields that should have been planted, couldn't be. Of the 70% that were planted, they figure that 50% of those fields the seeds rotted in the ground from too much moisture and not enough sun.

Here in Calgary, we have had more days of rain than sun, normally its the other way around with extreme summer heat killing us in July. We are at the middle of August and our weather-forecast is saying that we might just have our first full week of sunshine without rain, this year.

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We've had a very wet and cool August here in NW Montana, and my wheat and rye are behind and might even rot standing there, rather than ripening and drying. The tomatoes and squash in my garden are also being affected by the cool weather. We had frost 5 times in July. In the past, July was the only month we NEVER got frost.

Even those of us who produce our own food have no guarantee of a harvest. I'm glad we've planned ahead for that possibility.

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Well, us 'Old Fart' farm types know that crops fail.
I live in 'River Bottom' country, so the land is futile, but weather is FICKLE!

We've had a VERY wet year so far, so some land didn't get planted, some flooded and rotted after being planted, and the excessive heat here hasn't done anything for the crops,
And when you add excessive moisture with high heat you get fungus problems, insect problems, ect.

Grain drying is going to be a B!tch this fall if the rain keeps coming!
Hard to get grain out of the fields when they are swampy, and it's hard to dry it with 95% humidity...
It's CERTAINLY not going to dry in the fields 'Correctly' this year, and that means a lot of energy to dry it.

My garden is suffering, fungi, rot, speckles on everything from the moisture,
Still, all in all, I've got a lot more produce than I'll use in the upcoming (Gardening) year, so I'm ahead in the long run.

The produce we usually sell isn't selling as well since it's 'Ugly',
Speckles/Spots on produce doesn't make it appetizing, so people are passing on it.
Good for the local food bank though! I drop off what doesn't sell promptly and get a tax credit voucher, which helps with 'Uncle Sams' cut in the end.


As far as 'Disaster', man made or natural, I'm pretty well set.
It may not be 'Pretty' this year, but I'm also canning a BUNCH of stuff we normally didn't before...
And this lets us rotate crops, if we put up enough 'Shellie' or 'Snap' beans in one year, we usually don't have to plant again for about two more years,
And it adds verity to the diet and choices in the 'Pantry'...

The mistake most 'Extremists' & 'Survivalists' make is to store too much of 'ONE' staple.
Wheat or Rice or Corn Meal is going to get old VERY QUICKLY,
The guys putting away MRE type foods are going to hate that VERY QUICKLY!

Sitting in the dark eating cold flour paste isn't my idea of 'Good Planning'.
They are always bragging about stockpiles of firearms and ammo, but not much about fiber containing foods, Alpha & Omega containing foods, something to keep you REGULAR while you are waiting out the worst of things,
And very little addressed to keeping seeds for future plantings if need be.

We can the crap out of everything.
Might not be like 'Store Bought', but I know it's clean, no bug parts like the FDA allows in food,
I know the jars are reusable, so next years crop has somewhere to go,
I know I have quite a bit of 'Extra' since if something happens, we WILL have company (Family, friends, neighbors, and you always want some 'Trading' material... I trade home made wine and canned fruits for goods/services now!)

I have about 200 jars of home canned meats, chicken, pork, lamb, beef, fish, ect. and a TON of dried beef, plus the freezer is going to get full this fall...
It always gets loaded in the late fall or early spring, and I add this and that when I run into it...

Don't overlook store purchased things like tuna, chicken, pork, ect.
Even 'Spam' types meats will be welcome if there is a large issue with supply!
I like tuna, and I haven't found anything locally that tastes like tuna, so I keep quite a bit in 'Cold Storage' (Root Cellar).
Lasts for years that way with no issues at all.

Even dehydrated foods, like the stuff hikers and climbers eat, will be better than most 'MRE' type things.

Shotguns, bibles, flour, honey and water might be good for the extremists,
But sitting in the dark trying to read a bible while subsisting on flour paste isn't my idea of 'Living'...

But with my solar oven, some clean water and some home canned food, I'm good to go! No disruption in my diet except for the occasional 'Big Mac' which I shouldn't be eating anyway! :scratch


As for terror attack,
I'm not really worried.

There have been WAY more than 3,000 killed by drive by gang shootings and work place shootings since 9/11 but unless it's a slow news cycle, you don't hear anything about that, and our government doesn't seem to be able to do anything about it...

SO! I conceal carry when that little voice in the back of my head says to (most times I don't, the last thing I need is another 4 pounds trying to push my pants down!),

I look forward to potential disasters, or potential shortages of fuel or food,
Most shortages will be in transportation interruptions, which are temporary.

My garden can be wiped out for two years running without really causing me any hardships or having to ration.
I can live without bananas, which I REALLY LOVE, and one of the few things I will buy that are fuel intensive to get to my local market.
Most of the time I won't buy fruit or vegetables out of season, there isn't any sense in supporting the polluting, fuel eating transportation to get them here,
And the only 'Import' I stockpile is COFFEE!
I have alternatives for 'Tea' but COFFEE is a staple for me!

We even grow things like raw tobacco, sells like crazy to the collage type 'Pow Wow' wanna-be types, so does sage, lavender and a few other things.
I guess if someone was REALLY desperate, they could try to smoke it, but I wouldn't recommend this old rough tobacco for smoking!
More of an 'Incense' thing, like the sage is...

It's fun to try and grow different things, and tobacco wasn't much of a challenge since there is so much written on the subject,
And broom sage grows wild around here, I can't believe these people will pay for an ounce of sage what they paid for an ounce of pot when I was in high school!

Sage and Tobacco is very little drying, no aging, volunteers all over the place, VERY easy to grow,
Lavender takes VERY LITTLE processing to sell, mostly small packaging, and you can make VERY good money doing it!

If the bottom falls out of EVERYTHING for what ever reason,
I can grow more food and less 'decorative' and 'herbs', but right now, I'm making more LEGAL money than I would have ever thought about when we just grew corn, beans & wheat!

I'm sure the pot growers make more, but I'm not going to jail and loosing my land just so some teenager can torque on the bong when he's not texting, ignoring me at the fast food counter when I'm trying to order or parking in handicapped spots!

I CAN NOT do anything about Nuclear War.
I CAN NOT do anything about Nuclear Terrorism.
I CAN NOT do anything about the next 9/11 type attack, or the next OKC attack, ect.
I would most certainly turn in anyone I knew was going to do something stupid like that, but I WOULD NOT turn in anyone that I wasn't sure about.

I get mad like anyone else and say things I don't mean.
If someone confided in me they were PLANNING, or even seriously THINKING about something like OKC or 9/11, I would do my best to VERIFY if it were just talk or they were capable of doing something like that...
If I thought they were capable of it, I WOULD REPORT IT AND LET THE POLICE SORT IT OUT...

If I were Unsure, I'm the type to give the benefit of a doubt and just keep my eyes open...

I like my life, so I'm not scared.
Scared people see monsters in the shadows...

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I must admit that I cannot argue with anything you have said in your last post. Most people get worked up over the wrong things and so run around wasting their time. It sounds like to me you have got your ducks in a row and are ready for whatever life throws your way.

As for the bananas why not plant a small Paw Paw tree orchard.
Paw Paw :: Fruit Tree Nursery Apple Trees Dwarf Trees Strawberry Plants Berry Plants Shade Trees

I know they do not taste exactly like bananas but they are native to NA and you could always plant a cross breed that tastes like vanilla pudding... Grin.

PS. I planted about 15 of them this year and plan to plant more every year.

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Yeah, JeepHammer, us "old farts" like myself, that have been gardening for around 50 years, do know crops can fail! Lord knows something "fails" each year! Part of life, when you're farrming and gardening.

Something is always new and different each year too, though. I'd never presume to think I've seen it all or that I know everything. It's fun to encourage people and to watch them learn and grow.

As for bananas, you can grow those novelty dwarf banana trees in pots. A friend has one and get a few bananas a year. So it's not like a "crop", but since you've done everything else, that would give you something new to try. Though maybe you already have, then you can tell us all about why it didn't work?

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That article is sure behind the times......

"...Since the US is one of the most hardened countries to nuclear attack,
(Via Presidents Eisenhower & Kennedy building fall out shelters in government buildings all through the 50s, 60s & 70s)..."

Here in Tallahassee at least, and in many other cities throughout this nation, the old 'rebar&concrete' office buildings are being demolished (a fascinating process to watch!) and being replaced by new 'steel&glass' designs with NO shelter other than a basement with NO air filtration or supply stocks. I am in such a building, opened in early 1990.

But, I don't really worry about a nuke attack - not a thing I could do anyways. My casa is less than ten miles from town, so even a smaller nuke centered on the town would flatten my doublewide 'Bubba Palace'...... :eek:

I work on food storage and other preps more against the occasional storm and the expected socio-economic troubles. I leave the Tangos to the Goobermint. :dunno:
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