4 season footwear

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    Been a while since Ive been on - been super busy and not online all too much.

    Anyhow, been spending more time in the woods. It got me thinking about what would happen if I had to be out there for a year, and what gear would be essential to have.

    Especially with footwear - I know there must be some of you who have some tried, true and tested recommendations for all year round/ 4 season footwear - Im in the Northeast so we go from hot humid summers, to cold snow filled winters. What are some good boots, etc. that you'd recommend. I know socks would vary by seaon, of course...
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    I would have to say that being in the military we wore combat style boots all year round. From dessert to rain forest and in the woods they proved to be comfortable, safe and rugged. I recommend a high top style with breathable sections for the hot months. You can add in thicker socks for the winter.

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    I'm going to have to raise concerns with four seasons footwear. If it's going to be snug enough to wear in summer, there won't be room for heavy socks for long wear outdoors in the winter. In my opinion, you'd need two pair of boots. Even in the dead of winter, I'll only wear the lighter of the boots unless out in the sticks for a long walk. Mukluks are another fantastic deep cold weather option. Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.
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    Good leather work boot. Wool socks an 5 buckle overshoes in the winter an a lighter weight sock in the summer. We do construction an that be what I wear.