4-Person 72hr Kit @ Costco.com

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  1. DisasterReindeer

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    We are supplying Costco with a kit we designed specifically for them.

    It's $69.99 at Costco.com and $109.95 on Amazon.com

    LINK for Costco kit

    Feel free to criticize the kit. That's the only way we can make it better!
  2. The_Blob

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    following prices taken from the Emergency Essentials catalogue ( Emergency Essentials - Be Prepared Emergency Preparedness Food Storage )

    pg 32 High Uinta Gear Timp D700 4 zippered section + 2 external mesh pouches backpack = =$9

    pg 33 Wavelength emergency radio, charger & flashlight = $17

    pg 31 4 mylar 84"x52" 80% heat retention blankets = $5 (4x$1.25)

    pg 27 51 pc first aid kit = $7

    pg 21 4 Mainstay 2400 calorie emergency food bars = $20 (4x$5)

    pg 37 High Uinta Gear 13 function utility knife = $3

    pg 39 Mainstay(36) water pouches = $12.60 (36x$0.35)

    couldn't find candles in there but I've seen = $1 for 6

    all told estimated $68.60

    I would go with the Datrex food bars, they're the same price & they're individually packaged in 200 calorie subsections, also maybe up to the 36oo calorie bars (additional $7 as opposed to $5)

    I didn't see any matches in there ;) so add waterproof matches ($0.85) pg 30 & a 5-in-1 survival whistle (includes signal whistle, compass, flint firestarter, waterproof matchbox, signal mirror) ($1.50) pg 33

    you might want to remove the candles & replace with a 100-hr candle (burns liquid parafin) pg 31

    also 84"x36" 80% heat retention mylar sleeping bags ($3.50 each) instead of or in addition to the blankets... maybe 4 rain ponchos ($.075 each) pg31

    maybe a 12-hr lightstick or two (can be found anywhere for $1 or less)

    2 person 'tube' tent ($4 pg 31)

    8-hr hand warmers 2-pack ($1 pg 30)

    it's SO hard to cram everything into one of these things...

  3. DisasterReindeer

    DisasterReindeer Resident Disaster Expert

    Would you say that's the right price for the bag? It looks like it matches your price breakdown. The idea is for people to buy it as a starter to cover the basics and include other things they find helpful.

    I agree, our designer had a hard time to select the best products without making the bag too big and heavy.
  4. Expeditioner

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    Agree with Blob on the Datrex food bars. Looks like decent intro kit for a novice or someone who only concerned with short term preps. The first aid kit appears very basic.......might want to add a SAM splint!
  5. The_Blob

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    IMO the trick to selling anything is to offer a noticeably better (10%-20%) deal than people can get elsewhere for the same or comparable products

    if you include a price breadown & total cost for what the components cost individually vs. the 'package deal' you offer & the difference is significant then your packs should sell themselves
  6. DisasterReindeer

    DisasterReindeer Resident Disaster Expert

    Did your figure include shipping?

    The pack weighs 18lbs which costs almost $10-15 however you slice it. That is included in the $69 so your actually getting it for just around 20% less than buying the products by themselves.
  7. The_Blob

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    I don't know how much access to other venues your customer-base has so I did not know if S&H was an issue or not, but the catalogue I pulled the prices from has listed shipping based on how much (in $$$) you purchase:

    orders < $60 = $6
    orders $60-$120 = $9
    orders $120-$400 = $12
    orders > $400 = FREE

    now, granted, they are a large distributor & have the means to 'eat' the S&H costs

    also, the prices I listed were for individual components purchased singly, every one of those items has significant discounts (anywhere from 10%-40% depending on the items) when purchased in multiple quantities (anywhere from 4 to 24(?) depending on the items) so that making multiple packs would be cheaper than making them one-at-a-time (of course ;) )

    best of luck, hope this information helps :2thumb: