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2015 Worldwide pedophile ring busted in sting operation

Would like to know lots more details about this. A breakdown would be interesting. Another psychopath in a position of trust.

6:22 into video you can see this mans joker face, like a comic book character. There is a male, staff member here, who does the exactly the same thing. But even more so. Just like the joker character in a comic book smiling. He talks to me, and just smiles like that. Super creepy.

What a disaster it was, and is, to have all kinds of government workers, like this man, trained to pretend, to be nice, and normal, to the general public. To hide there true feelings, and nature.

A extreme example. Lots of other examples, not quite so extreme. Except to the victims.

Psychopaths always turn, where ever they are into more of a ghetto, with what they do to people. Becomes obvious eventually. That it's a ghetto.
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