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    I was wondering what you guys thought of the end of the world in 2012. I dont know what to think how can someone predict its coming hundreds of years ago. Or is it going to be another millenium bug?.
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    The end according to the Mayan calendar? I have a couple theories about that…

    A few hundred years ago the guys were hanging around and having a few. They decided to go and make a permanent calendar, or a copy of one. They got out to 2012, the end of one cycle and said “we got a few hundred years ahead already, that’s good enough for now.” So it all boils down to they ran out of chocolate, wine or beer and hung up the project.

    The other theory is that there is another wheel calendar out there that continues where this one left off, we have just not found it yet. Maybe one of the guys dropped it or used it for a table or something, who knows.

    But basically I do not believe the world will end due to some calendar predicting it. I am however extremely worried about our elected savior ending life as we know it. How and when is up in the air but I expect SHTF soon. It is painfully obvious that he does not care what the masses want or are telling him they do not want. He is going to do this crap for the remainder of his term, his ONE term that is. THAT scares the bajesus out of me and keeps me prepping.

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    To me it doesn't matter, I was ready for the 1970's gas shortages, Y2K, 9-11, the recession and now 2012. Hopefully I'll be ready for what ever nature, or man throws at me.
    What I should say though, is that I'm prepared as best I can be and better than most for these unplanned events. And as time goes on, I'm getting better at it and more prepared.
    Hopefully encouraging others to do the same by example.
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    teotwawki - The End Of The World As We Know It
    teocawki - The End Of Civilization As We Knew It

    There are two main schools of thought. The first one is something that would be caused by a calamity of amazing proportions that the whole world would feel its affects and the population would drop back to "caveman days" or a "medieval" based society. Anne McCaffrey's books about the planet PERN is about humans that leave earth and start a colony on another planet and after a while, they cannot keep their computer-age technology running so they revert to a medieval-society - or - agrarian society. You will need to read the series of books of PERN to understand the calamity that the people face as a group and the dynamics of the group.

    The second one is more of a personal nature. It would be a point of turning in your life where everything that you hold dear is taken away - friends, family, home, work, etc. I have chatted with many homeless here in Calgary and there was a trigger where they just about gave up on life entirely and now reside on the streets waiting for some kind of handout just to survive.

    What will 2012 bring? I am expecting something more along the lines of the second-version of the end of the world where people just about give up on life and everything related to it, but, can't seem to pull the final trigger ending it totally. If enough people choose to all end civilization as they knew it at (or around) the same time, the repercussions could help to end civilization as we know it.

    As far as the predictions go of the Mayans, I would say it is a similar effect as the Y2K-bug. BillyGates thought in 1980 (XT) that the year 2000 was so far away and it wouldn't really matter if we used a two-digit year. Nothing really relied on the computers at the time (business-wise) and as such, time was not even kept current. I remember running an autoexec.bat file on my floppy-disks that ran the time and date commands every time I fired up my computer and I had to double-check that information daily. The Mayans probably just took the short-cut as well thinking that it was so far into the future that it really wouldn't matter anyway.
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    The world could end at any time, I am familiar with that prophesy, and several others. The Holy Bible has a 7000 year plan. I believe in that. When it will happen and how bad things will get I don't know. I do know I am not letting my lamp oil run out. I also am working at taking care of me and mine to make us a little more comfortable as a family if the infrastructure gives out. 8 years ago our grid went down for a few days, the freezer thawed and we had to use up everything. Hurricane Ike blew through Ohio so I buoght a gennerator and had power for the 4 days our neighborhood didn't. I have taken some steps to insure security, food, drinking water, safety, first aid and communications. I don't have everything I want and probably never will, but our family is better off than most. I just keep going in that direction and become more and more self sufficient. It has been alot of fun and a good learning experience.
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    end of the world has been predicted thousands of times from religious, psychic, and scientific basis i'm not concerned about 2012 it's the tangible things that concern me

    the biggest issues we face in the near future IMO....are

    -food shortages
    -energy shortages
    -communicable disease

    Really these are interrelated energy shortages effect global economy, food production these have a cyclical effect a slow economies, slows energy development and food production and demands for resources and economic & viability push war.

    The biggest population growth countries can't feed themselves right now china and India thats not going to improve in 20 years
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    I'm not to sure we have until 2012! Things can happen at any time. We don't know the hour our time will end so we make our preps now. We don't know how or what the future here on earth holds...so we prepare now for all that we can imagine. The key is being prepared for "now."

    I don't put much trust in predictions with timelines on them. I've seen too many that never happened. The 2012 stuff makes a good story line but that's about it. Could it come true? Sure. Will it? I don't know. What will I do in the meantime? The same thing I'm doing now. Continue to add to my stored supplies and continue to improve and expand my skills and knowledge. And above all, keep right with God 'cause he has the ultimate say in my future.
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    I like what Charles Schulz said:

    "Don't worry about the world ending today. It's already tomorrow in Australia!" :D

    Seriously, what worries me most about 2012 isn't all of the prophecies, predictions, the Mayan calendar, etc. What worries me most is people doing very stupid and irrational things if they think that the world is about to end, because it's impossible to avoid stupid people.
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    Maybe finding the Mayan calender was a God send in one respect. It has gotten millions(I hope) of people to take a look at who they are, where they are and what lays ahead for them.

    Many, as my husband and I have, have made major changes in the way they look at things and do things now. No more credit cards. No above board spending. Cooking at home, no going just to have something to do.

    Finding ways to not buy. repair and recycle is the name of the game now. I sure hope that I am right because I would surely be disappointed if what we have struggled so hard to accomplish and doing without for, comes to an end in one single day.