20 Things You Will Need WHEN not IF the SHTF

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by watchman220, May 12, 2010.

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    Funny, that Butch guy. Part of being prepared is having a plan in place to deal with him and his ilk. He might not be so hungry after trying to get my food.
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    I didn't care for 'butch' ... but I do have a way to deal with him.;) :D
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    Yeah. Me too. I even made a comment directed at him to that effect. Something about; we preppers are the ones that will be waiting for him and will add his rifles, handguns and ammo to our arsenal. :)
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    "butch" should remember one thing- however good he thinks he is, there's always someone better. He is truly an a$$ but unfortunately, will be one of many like him. :(

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    Butch was just a troll. BUT! There will be lots of Butches out there when the time comes. The single loners will not be a problem for long, they will get picked off. The problem will be when they band together, strength in numbers. I can only hope they pass by my dilapidated trailer and not know the front lawn is wheat, instead think it is just tall grass. They may raid the garden. They may break into the shed and seal some tools… Single vermin no problem, 10 or 20 of them could be a problem.

    I really think I am in a pretty safe situation as far as being seen as a hoarder of goods and a target for looters. Up and down the rural road I live on are much fancier developments that would be primer targets. So, it would take them a while to work their way down to targeting places like mine. If I was in a looting band I would rather target a fancy house, manicured lawn and SUV in the driveway than an old trailer in a red neck neighborhood. Yeah, them boys are all armed there, the suburbanites most likely ain’t.
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    Agree....I read on another forum someone said "make your place look like it's already been looted"....not a bad idea. Of course, when it all happens, I'm not going to be out mowing the grass, or even worrying about it, thats for sure. (tall grass hides good traps, haha)
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    One word : Landmines.

    It's simple, effective, easy to build. You could just use shotgun shells as the explosive if you don't have anything else handy. Taking a shotgun blast to the foot and leg is usually enough to stop the average intruder.
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    They also have a tremendous psychological impact on intruders.
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    A couple of tripwires attached to a couple of bee hives would be quite a deterrent. :D
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    After reading some of the comments.

    I believe that the collapse is coming. There are many things we can do to
    be prepared. There are some things that we have no control over. Those
    who want to take what they want from those that have will be a real problem. Those who are trigger happy will also be a problem. There has
    to be a medium to aim for. I don't know what it will be but one thing we
    can count on is that the government won't be coming to our rescue with
    any good intentions. The government will be happy to see a large portion
    of our population starve, kill each other and give up to kill themselves.
    That will reduce their responsibility to our citizenry. Please consider
    preparing yourself and your family for what you will need, what you will
    need to know, and what you will be willing to do to survive. The one thing I see a problem with - is - that this country is inherently lazy and have become dependent on someone else always taking care of them. Having to chop wood, dig outhouses, grow gardens, preserve foods and live without utilities or money or grocery stores may seem far fetched but it is
    what this country will be facing in the coming total dollar collapse. Consider your preps, knowledge, and fortitude and see where you need to
    improve. Those who think God will rapture them if there is a hard time coming needs to look back at the Bible and look at all the times believers thought that the end was here and expected rapture at any moment. I am
    a believing Christian who believes God will rapture us when he is ready and not when we want him to. Did he rapture when other countries collapsed? Or during WWII? or when the Christians were fed to the Lions?
    The Bible says to prepare yourself, and also says God favors those who take care of themselves and their neighbors, family and the needy.

    We cannot prepare to take care of the world but we can prepare to take care of ourselves our immediate families and maybe set aside some rice,
    beans, and some other food items for our immediate neighbors even if you give them their food anonymously. I have 2 widows and a retarded girl living next to us as well as a home for disabled vets. I would like to
    have a 50 lb. bag of rice and 25 lb. bag of pintos to share with them.

    I will be growing my garden and will offer them some seed to grow some vegetables for themselves with a little physical help getting them started.
    I will be willing to share my canning equipment to help them can their surplus but I will not be able to help them with jars and lids. I am hoping they will have some of this already. My husband can build solar dehydrators if we can find the materials to do it. Maybe from abandoned houses. Screens, wood, etc. will make that possible.

    We all need to think of the possibilities and opportunities and then the ability to defend ourselves from the Butch's of this world. Community if you have to survive in place is a good idea. Help your neighbor if possible and protect each other if possible. But the name of the game is to survive in a way that you will be able to look yourself in the mirror.

    My 2 cents worth.

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    was 'Butch' one of these?:

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    Momy, thers a man in black holding a gun banging on the door. Should we let him in?
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    what an A-HOLE from what i have read on this site and outhers the first prepper butch
    meets will be his last
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    I think Butch is just a 10 YO setting in class with no crayons to play with.
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    wildone uk, That would be a fair assumption. :D
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    Butch sounds exactly like my brother in-law.He's a Desert Storm Vet(Marines)and now a LEO.

    He showed me some of his guns and ammo,then looked me in the eye and said the same thing.
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    being able to trick folks as part of a basic plan is probably somethingwe all should think about. I want to appear to be just as poor and hungrey as everybody else.
    Stay at home and be incogneto, while everyone else stands in a line begging for rations. There are no real pat answers for anything. Reality will be a fast changing dynamic. Everyone will have to make quick , hard decisions that might be distastefull. I know that I will have to learn to turn away from hungry people, and not give it a second thought. We will all have to get used to a "new normal". Most people think that things will just continue the way they've always been. Soon, nothing will ever be the same as it has, and will never be the same again in our lifetimes. The die has been cast, and the new paln is being run, but most don't get it. This change gets easier to see every day.
    Good luck all, we'll need it.
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    The fact that he's a LEO is what makes that really scary. Having cops running around shaking people down will just accelerate the descent into chaos :(