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Well I lived by a military base before. I was in a part of town I never walked in before. I walked on a trail and seen a military helicopter flying overhead with toxic waist barrels in cargo netting underneith it. It almost flew over my head. It was flying out of town basically. The same direction I was walking in. I seen what was done. Those toxic waist barrels were dumped in the swamp and still not sunk when I got to them by the trail. I reported it to the town hall I think or the police or both. Like 30 or more years ago. That was the US military. I could say more about other things. They had emergency contact numbers and such, on the barrels. Like in one of the living dead movies, a long time ago where a zombie was kept in a barrel and let out all covered in tar or whatever.

Says last year over a billion marine animals dead in Canada. Never even knew.

I believe there is the USA military in Europe to and for decades. Who many ticking time bombs of toxic waist are around N.A.T.O. bases I wonder. Bean counters got lazier and lazier I guess as the decades passed. Dumped closer and closer to the bases. You still hear about the US miltary pulling out and leaving all kinds of ordinance around. Vehicles, etc.

Even in DNA testing it is not uncommon for 3 labs to be contacted and one to be wrong because of laziness basically or cost cutting in the past anyway. In this case I would not trust what was said and no chemicals were found to indicate that poisoning took place.

Based upon being upstream and the fish are not dead is a good indicator where to start. Maybe some poison that breaks down fast to maybe or a cover-up. Jobs, investments, etc. Political connections. A chemical that lowers the oxygen in the water. Water being heated or just a natural disaster. Warm water carries less oxygen. well lots of things being said. Good use of chemical test kits or whatever.

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