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    Is it any wonder that our children are thugs at the age of 8?? In an America where kids have all of the "rights" and parents hands are "tied" to the BS of "kinder, gentler" ways of "befriending your children and reasoning with them"... ITS ALL BS!!!!

    Sometimes, people, we have to just suck it up and BE THE PARENT!! KIDS BRAINS are not evolved enough to make adult decisions! Man... this is how it is in wonderful Seattle, WA...
    I am so glad I dont buy into that crap. My daughter got in trouble with drugs and stealing and I made her sit in detention for 30 days (they made me take her out). Now she has been in a rehab center for 2 1/2 months and has another 2 1/2 to go... my morals will not tolorate common thuggary in my home- my child or not. Below is why I do NOT tolorate bad behaviour:

    Judge orders detention of 10-year-old shot in alleged bus robbery, 2 others

    Judge orders detention of 10-year-old shot in alleged bus robbery, 2 others

    Seated between his attorney and his mother, the boy with a bullet hole in his arm looked every bit the 10-year-old he is.

    Dressed in the child-size navy blue scrubs issued residents of the King County Juvenile Detention Center, the 4 ½-foot-tall boy sat silent as Seattle Police gang detective outlined his run-ins with police.

    Since age 8, the child has had 13 contacts with police. He's alleged to belong to a gang, suspected in a five violent felonies, including kidnapping and robberies.

    What brought the boy before a judge Thursday, though, are allegations that he and two of his brothers attempted to rob a teen aboard a Metro bus. The alleged robbery didn't go well for the youth -- police contend he shot himself in the arm with a gun he was attempting to steal from the teen.

    Asked to detain the boy, King County Superior Court Judge Julia Garratt noted that she never conceived she would order a 10-year-old detained. Nonetheless, citing the boy's record of police contacts, she did exactly that.

    "At this point in time," the judge said, "to protect the youth as well as for community safety, I can't in good conscience release him."

    The boy's brothers -- aged 12 and 14 -- were also ordered held on suspicion of attempted second-degree robbery pending the filing of charges, expected Friday.

    Describing the Tuesday evening incident, Seattle Gang Unit Detective Benjamin Hughey contended the youths were hanging out with the alleged victim minutes before the robbery attempt when they learned he was carrying what they thought to be an unloaded gun in his backpack.

    As alleged victim -- a 17-year-old -- boarded the No. 7 bus, the three boys rushed to a Rainier Avenue South bus stop intending to get on the bus and steal the other boy's backpack, Hughey contended.

    The 10-year-old had reached into the backpack when the 17-year-old grabbed him in a "bear hug," according to the detective's statement. As he did so, the .22 cal. pistol -- which was later determined to have an empty magazine but a single live round in the chamber -- discharged into the 10-year-old's arm.

    Another youth -- a cousin of the 10-year-old and close friend of the older youth -- heard a bang and saw the boys pile from the bus and begin fighting, Hughey said in court documents. Speaking with police after the incident, the youth said he attempted to break-up the fight.

    At 7:50 p.m. Tuesday, two police officers driving on South Henderson Street near Rainier Avenue South spotted five people involved in a fight, among them the 10-year-old and his two brothers

    Two Seattle police officers approaching Rainier Avenue from South Henderson Street spotted the five youths as they fought near the bus stop.

    As they approached, the alleged victim attempted to run from the scene but was apprehended immediately, Hughey said in court documents. A .22 cal. pistol with a spent cartridge in the chamber was found in the bag, which appeared to have been shot through.

    Speaking outside of court, the 10-year-old's mother offered a different account of her son's shooting, claiming the alleged victim instigated the altercation.

    The woman, who seattlepi.com is not naming in the interest of protecting her child's identity, claimed her boys were headed home from football practice when the 17-year-old threatened the youngest boy.

    She contended her other sons were defending their brother during the fight outside the bus.

    "What would you do if your brother was attacked?" she asked following Thursday's hearing.

    Authorities, she continued, were "railroading" her 10-year-old.

    "I just want him to come home so I can take care of him," she said.

    Addressing the court, Deputy Prosecutor Julie Kline argued that the boy, like his brothers, had shown "an escalating pattern of criminal conduct" prior to the shooting on a public bus.

    Had he not been suspected in the shooting, the 12-year-old boy was due in court Thursday for a pre-trial hearing on an unlawful gun possession charge. Hughey also said the youth is a suspect in several strong-arm robberies.

    His older brother was released from electronic home monitoring earlier in the week to attend a community event, which he missed.

    Prosecutors expect to file attempted robbery charges in the cases Friday. The 10-year-old could also face an unlawful gun possession charge.

    Due to his age, prosecutors will have to show that the 10-year-old boy is mature enough mentally to form criminal intent and distinguish between right and wrong, said Dan Donohoe, spokesman for the King County Prosecutor's Office. A hearing on the issue would follow a charging decision.
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    A 10 year old does not need jail time, HIS PARENTS DO. :mad: If your 10 year old ends up that troubled, it is YOUR FAULT for being such a miserable, worthless parent that never showed them any better. That child needs to be placed with a loving, caring, educated family who can turn him into a productive human being instead of a gangbanging thug.

    There was a young man of about 14 who lived in the house behind our old one. There was no supervision or guidance in his house. If and when his father came around, he would take the boy into the back yard and physically assault him, sometimes with sticks or pieces of wood-while screaming obscenities for the entire neighborhood to hear. My first encounter with the child was the first week we lived in the house, when I saw him and a friend hop over the fence in the backyard and walk down our driveway. That night our porch chairs disappeared. I was annoyed but when I confronted the boy about his trespassing and our chairs, he apologized. I never did get my chairs back though.... He was a smart kid despite his awful upbringing, had lots of potential if someone would actually give a damn about him. When the parents are gone, the kids are gonna go wild, that's just how it happens. He got mixed up with the wrong people, and ended up going to juvenile detention for a while because him and his buddies strong-armed the Wendy's around the corner! I don't know how long he was in there, but I see him walking with his friends again now. I hope he isn't still getting into trouble, but if that horrible father of his is still around I'm sure it can't be good.

    Anyway, in situations like these I tend to always be an advocate for the child. The 10 year old and the boy in my neighborhood are VICTIMS. They have been neglected, abused, and often beaten to the point where they start acting like animals because that is how they've been treated. I say jail that worthless "mother" now.

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    I try not to get in to discussions on "opinions" but, I have to disagree with you OFM (to a point).

    In some cases, yes, the parents should be held responsible. We all know the types of parents we are talking about. The ones that do not care or actually encourage bad behaviors in their kids.

    My kids are raised in the church. Born again, baptized believers. No drug use in my home. My Husband and I were strict but loving with the kids. Occasionally spanked, lots of time out or standing in the corner, extra chores, loss of privileges, writing papers on the dangers of _______(whatever the infraction was). They knew right from wrong and were held accountable for their actions. We knew the parents of their friends, would inspect the homes that they were going to, talked to parents at the houses they went to for parties. Daughters best friends parents are one of the churches Elders and her Mom is a Sunday school teacher.

    Did my Daughter end up trying pot, underage drinking, sex before marriage? Yup. If she had been caught with the pot or booze, should I have been hauled off to jail? What could I have done differently? Sometimes you do everything "right" or as close to right as you can and the kids will still do whatever they want.
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    Absolutely not-most "good kids" experiment with that stuff, and I don't consider experimentation criminal behavior. This young boy has likely been raised in a family with a long line of criminals. This stuff doesn't come from nowhere. Four blocks from my house, an 80 year old woman was shot and killed in the parking lot of her Catholic church where she'd been a lifetime member. The suspect? An 18 year old boy who claimed he "only wanted to rob her" and panicked in the moment and shot her at point-blank range. Both of his parents had several run ins with the law and would be charged with harboring a criminal and making terroristic threats to witnesses during their son's trial. He was BRED to be a killer.

    While we are discussing opinions, in my opinion you DID do everything right with your kids. There is a world of difference between good kids stashing a dimebag in their sock drawer or snagging Dad's Bud Light and bad kids who steal and murder. Barring some kind of serious psychotic disorder that was beyond anyone's control, you could not have possibly raised a child that would act the way these kids do. My husband's second teaching job was in the Youngstown City Schools. He had to deal with 3rd graders hiding knives and razor blades, listen to them talk amongst themselves in graphic detail about playing violent video games or watching violent movies. Most of these kids had been exposed to pornography at home. Well over half of the district's attending students are diagnosed with "mental" or "behavioral" disorders. (This is for several reasons-one big one being the district hands diagnoses out like candy to get more federal dollars because they're dead flat broke) My husband was like most new teachers-he thought he could go in there and be a big hero, be the one to "make a difference". But it just can't be done. What is he supposed to do with a child who comes to school every day in the same dirty clothes, starving and sleep deprived and cannot pay attention in class? What would you do if you caught two 4th graders having sex in the janitor's closet? Where the hell did they learn about that? I sure as hell didn't know about sex in 4th grade.

    I will say it again-these parents need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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    Since age 8, the child has had 13 contacts with police. He's alleged to belong to a gang, suspected in a five violent felonies, including kidnapping and robberies.

    It's to late for those boys.
    They can not be changed no matter how much people try.
    They can't be saved.
    They will be back in the news for a more serious crime and they will spend their worthless lives in prison.
    Their worthless mother should be in jail as well.
    My favorite part of the story.

    "I just want him to come home so I can take care of him," she said.

    She's done a pretty bad job for the last 14 years.

    On a side note there was a connected story about kids with guns.
    In Washington state they have to be convicted 5 time of a gun offense before they get sent to a juvenile correction facility. That's convicted not arrested.
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    I have to put my "8 cents" in (it's a GB thing)- Out of desperation, I posted this! I have a 15- almost 16 year old whom I was very frank with, educated her on the dangers of drugs, gangs, illegal activities, guns, sex- everything I could think of. I would only allow her friends to come over to my home (after meeting the parents) and very rarely I would allow her to stay the night at her friends home. My mind-set was that there was nothing good that they could do at her friends house that they couldnt do at mine- but I know for a fact that there is nothing bad they could do at my home (we dont drink, drug, own guns, etc, etc ... and with PTSD I stay up all night watching the parameter and making sure everyone is safe). She is 15 and we would take her to school and pick her up. The one thing I regret doing is going to church faithfully- which has since been corrected.
    Yet, she chose to defy anything we would say to keep her safe- she skipped school and manipulated her way out of things (not that I am easy to manipulate, but if you have been through this then you know that it is very difficult to "police" your children 24/7 when you work full time, they go to school, etc). When we found out what she was doing, I begged the police to press charges and take her to juvie (this was in 8th grade, when she was caught with weed). They declined. 3 months later, she was arrested for trying to sell vitamins off as drugs (vitamins were the only thing she could find in our home). They listened to me this time, but still ended up dismissing it. Turns out that my daughter was DOING drugs at that point- despite the fact I would pay $90 a poop for random UA's (out of my own pocket). When it all finally came out, she was arrested for breaking and entering- she broke into a home and stole their alcohol. There is NO WAY I would EVER say tyo anyone "I just want my baby home so I can take care of her". Yes, it is absolutely heartwrenching to have my child be so defiant and out of control- that is NOT how I reaised her... but the reality is I made her butt sit in juvie for 30 days and pulled her out of the public schools and sent her to a $7000 traetment facility and then to another "resocialization" program for addicts.
    The things that she went through, that I was completely ignorant of!! - are terrible, terrible things. The gangs, and drugs, and loss of morals, and ... well everything.. yeah, kids that are "good" these days have a hard time staying that way! It's like sending a kid into a tank battle with nothing but a knife. My daughter got all of her drugs and was used for everything else AT the school. I asked the POLICE officers that are stationed there what the hell was going on- why was this even possible... their answer??

    They cant take drug dogs into the classrooms because it "violates the privacy rights of the students".

    [email protected] this ^&$%ing system of "social rights". My daughter is learning the hard way that she can rot in hell if she is going to have those types of standards and behaviours- that WILL NOT be tolorated in my home. As of right now she has 2 1/2 months left to figure out some basic values and morals and to put them into practice or she will not be welcomed in my home. I love her, but I will not tolorate those criminal activities in my life. It feels terrible to say that, but she needs to understand that it is NOT ok. Will I really turn her away? I do think so- it is my responsibility at the end of the day to teach her and raise her correctly, so I will not allow her to "move out/live with someone else/etc, etc... but if I have to continue with the constant 24/7 monitoring (that is what I did when I found out what she was doing), I may very well lose my mind. I will do it tho. It is better than her dying or thinking she can get away with things.
    How far would you go to make sure your defiant child gets help? Me personally, I am fed up with the BS political corectness of todays society. I will not beat my children, but I do not think it improper to teach them the value of respect and consideration. So, I guess I agree with both of you! :)
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    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. You are right-the system is broken and it has failed both of you. I cannot believe they cant take drug dogs into the schools where you live. They do that all the time here! Hell they took those dogs through at the ritsy suburban high school I went to! I just don't get it. It seems like whenever the "authorities" are made aware of a problem, they ignore it. I called the police and left a message with whoever's in charge of their crimestoppers because of that trouble house across the street and they still haven't called back a week later. I am a survivor of domestic violence, and when I was still living at home and being abused, I called the police multiple times-yet no charges were ever pressed and I was never removed from the home, so I wound up just running away to my dad's for a few months to give myself a damn break. It's every man for himself I guess. :dunno:
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    They used to be able to search our schools too- what a difference 20 years make, huh? I am so frustrated with all of it. And angry. That mom in the article IS the problem!! "Let me coddle my thug- he is just a kid!!" Its thugs like him that prey on my child- I dunno... if I were my daughter, would I listen to my Mom or the freak kids with the guns?? All I can do is reasearch and try and find a proper place where I can monitor that crap as much as possible. It pisses me off... they are lucky I am not armed.... Not yet anyway. :mad:
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    At my high school this was not 20 years ago. I graduated in 2003 and as far as I know they still conduct routine walk-throughs with the dogs. Unfortunately as Youngstown chases their scum out, they're pushing it into the suburbs, so drug crimes are on the increase out there.

    However, I DO remember being in kindergarten 20 years ago, and my elementary school still had corporal punishment. The principal at that time would leave his office door OPEN for the entire building to hear some little punk who thought he was real smart get whacked for something. But all of the "experts" said we shouldnt hit our children, it hurts their "self esteem". There is no one quite so dangerous as a person with extremely high self esteem. Serial killers have some of the highest. The way I was raised, you earned respect from others and self esteem would follow. At another school I went to, of course this was after they banned corporal punishment in Ohio, there was a mandatory quiet time for a few minutes after lunch. Those who talked during quiet time would be called loudly by name and made to stand in the middle of the cafeteria, in front of the whole school. I bet they're not even allowed to do that anymore. People always ask me how my children are so well behaved in public. Guilt, fear, and shame seem to be effective methods in my house for raising chidlren....too bad everyone else wants to be their kid's "friend".
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    the following message is a rant...

    hehe... glad I found these smilies...

    I say they throw his little *** in the can. I know if I had been caught doing HALF of what I did in highschool, my da would have loked me up and threw away the ****ing KEYS!

    And well he SHOULD have, too! I was raised right, in a christian home etc, I just decided to do my own thang. Stupid? You bet! Do I regret it? HELL NO! I learned the hard way, yeah, but fact is, I've been able to help others thanks to what I did.

    Lock him up, then send him to one of those "resocialization places." Better yet, send his butt of to a Military School. He'll straghten up and fly right then, or they'll break him.

    May sound harsh, but 13 run ins with the law in what, 2 years? FIVE FELONEY CHARGES? He's not even OLD enough, and he's not going to be able to vote!

    Kid got lucky this time, too. .22 to the arm, painful, yes. If it had hit him in the chest? He might be dead. Lord willing, this will be the wakeup call that not only HE needs, but also his PARENTS.

    My half baked 2 cents.

    That will be all, you may return to your labours.