10 Million Unemployed

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  1. mitchshrader

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    How do we put 2 million non violent felons and 8 million illegal residents to work?

    This isn't about the unemployment problem. This is about the unemployables problem.

    If they're working off the books, they can still collect benefits (sometimes) or deal drugs on the side, or otherwise fatten their income stream by criminal activities.. so this presently unemployable fraction needs a SPECIFIC answer, that doesn't allow tax evasion, part time drug sales, welfare fraud, or other anti-social behavior.

    Railroads. I say hire 'em all to rebuild railroads coast to coast. Public works projects, bridges, train stations, train engines, boxcars to passenger sleepers. It'll have some fraud and waste, but it'll build railroads and nothing else is doing it. And it'd take people off welfare who you'ld throw off anyway, and out of prisons where they cost 100$ a day to feed and house.

    Build railroads for 5 years and get either citizenship or a pardon. Don't have anybody doing it but illegals and non-violent felons.
  2. mosquitomountainman

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    Uhm, why not just deport the illegal aliens?

  3. allen_idaho

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    But we don't need railroads anymore. What else do you got?
  4. bunkerbob

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    I think I read somewhere we should dig a canal along the southern border, use the water the east has too much of, and fill it with all those wayward alligators from Florida. Put people to work, and help fix the border problem as well.:D
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    :melikey: :congrat:
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    Deport them. Burn a brand into thier forehead so they can be identified if they try to come back in. If they do, shoot them. Very simple. Or, place an exploding RFID chip in thier head or heart, that upon entering the country again illegally explodes. Just a thought.

    I do think that the illegals that are currently in our system should be put to forced labor if they are not going to be deported. Why take care of them for free? The Chinese built many many longlasting projects in this country and during WWII with the most basic of tools and technology, mainly with lots of manpower. There are many roads in this country falling in disrepair, lots of landfills that are full of burnable materials for power, lots of recyclables also that can be recovered. Seems like they would be a good forced workforce for that. If they don't want to, shoot em'.

    Our goberment will do NOTHIN' about the illegals coming across our borders, when it all comes down to brass tacks, it will be US, the people, in our own communities that will have to take action, with our votes and our actions to curb the tide. We must make our communities so untenable for them that they no longer want to come here. We might actually have to go to the border ourselves, cuz the Border Patrol is simply overwhelmed, and have thier hands tied by the rules of engagement.
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  7. HarleyRider

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    How about sending all of them back where they came from with an ounce of nuclear waste in each pocket? :goodluck:

    Or, we could give each of them a sickle and have them cut kudzu. :goodluck:

    Or, we could stand all of them shoulder to shoulder along the eastern or western shoreline and have them clean the beaches. If they all start at the same time our whole shoreline could be cleaned in approximately 10 minutes. :nuts::soapbox2:

    There are probably LOTS more things we can think of.
  8. NORTH

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    I do believe public works projects would be a great this to bring back in force. Each state or feds, can do energy projects, wind, solar , hydro-elec, road repairs, how about getting rid of telephone poles! Those damn things are about as antiquated as can be! Put em under ground where they should be, pole falls-power's out, ice strorm-power's out... Trains and rail systems are also good, we do need to reduce the #'s of cars on the road,for lots of reasons. I'm sure smarter folks than me can come up with lots of projects, people working= people paying taxes=(maybe,the federal defict reduction?) IMO, people working equals strong economy, people not working=too many people with WAY too much time on thier hands=bad days.
  9. mitchshrader

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    the whole point is to get the railroads built. whoever thinks we don't need the cheapest shipping possible in a country 3000 miles across is welcome to buy diesel for a truck or a train, per ton, your pick..

    what is the difference in cost if the labor starts at minimum wage versus if it starts at minimum UNION wage?

    So the guy pays minimal taxes, he isn't COSTING anything, not even ICE to chase him down and throw him out. He can get paid cheap, get housing & food and not arrested, and if he screws up THEN throw him out, but he might be good at fixing railroads and like it.

    The whole point is, give felons WORK.. and if they can earn their citizenship back, LET THEM. 5 years, just like the illegals. Pay taxes 5 years, no crime and you're in. Automatic, without 3 year waits and 3000$ fines.

    Which means no bureaucrats to administer it. And no unions allowed. And ONLY illegals who want to work, and ex convicts, ALLOWED to participate.

    We need the railroads first and foremost. We could solve a fat slice of the unemployables problem, for 2/3 the cost of doing the same job with unions,
    and all those social undesireables are BUSY, and not costing 100$ a day in jail.

    But that's too much like good sense. It won't happen any more than hiring 20,000 cuban doctors will, and they need jobs and will work cheap, and we need cheap doctors. so of course it's illegal.