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1 in 8 Women Die From Heart Attacks, and Related Issues to Having a Heart Attack. A Possible Solution. Basically a Solution for Many.

I realized this around November 2021. Wrote about this issue online, and spoke somewhat, about this publicly, here in Yellowknife NT Canada. So if anyone feels, I should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, in Medicine. Details of the process is given here below. I am not a medical professional.

This will not fix up issues, like having a bad heart valve. You still need a operation for that. You or your loved one, could have both these issues. Then my possible solution will help somewhat.

A quick explanation. I use to have extremely severe, leg muscle cramps, all my life. So severe, I would always want to scream. It was hard, not to scream. Getting more common, as I got older. I figure out a solution. Works rather quickly to (3 days, til I had, another leg muscle cramp, which was still bad, but a joke in comparison). It took me awhile, but now, I think of heart attacks, as severe heart muscle cramping. With the same solution, as to fix up, my severe leg muscle cramping. Which I will write below.

So I went to the hospital one time, and it was noticed, I had a weak heart beat. I was given a I.V. of KCL (Potassium Chloride). Three one litre bags actually. Afterwards, I decides I don't like having a weak heart beat. So I started, taking KCL, in my drinking water. Like 1/8 a teaspoon, in a litre of water, several times a day. So several litres a day of water with KCL in it. At first only, like only 2 or 3 times a day, like that. I'm a big guy, so not lots for me. Don't want to upset any chemistry going on in my (your) body too much, right away. Maybe for like a month, or several weeks like that. If you are having heart attacks, or related issues, and this makes your issues better right away, you may want to increase the amount somewhat right away. By drinking more water, with KCL in it, daily. Important to still drink more water. I believe. Safest.

These days, I would after, say, a month or so. Start doubling the salt, in my litre of water, for one day a week, to fix this deficiency issue quicker. If you do have excess salt. You body should be able to flush out the excess salt still, easily. Not to dangerous to do. Hopefully. You are near death, in some ways.

You may want to get electrolyte power. Contains various salts. To absorb potassium you may need calcium. So a electrolyte powder is probably better. Have no real world experience with this personally. Might need the B vitamins to. No experience with that personally. May make things, even better, for you or a loved one.

You will probably need a daily multivitamin too. Since you probably have other problems too. I use one.

By drinking more water, you will be flushing out more good and bad chemicals, from your body. So the good things need replacing constantly. You want enough water daily, so that you body, can flush out toxins and poisons, and such, in your urine, and such.

I also had my legs stop working once, or twice, when I was a teen. I could not feel them, or use them, for around 30 seconds to a minute. Then they started working again. Probably for the same reason. Just walking down the street once and they stopped working. I just fell to the ground while walking.

You need to keep talking, whatever you take, for like a year. If you forget, the severe muscle cramps, will come back rather quickly. Then go away again rather quickly. Once you start taking KCL or whatever again. Lots of experience with that happening.

I know it is shocking. But there is no wires inside your body. To use, so you body, can move around and use electricity. To know, like have a strong heart beat, use your limbs, have good strong electrical brain neuron activities, and not develop various old persons dementia's. You need salts for that, and other chemistry reactions, in your body.

You can do a simple experiment using a DVM. Set it to the resistance reading setting. Get a cup of water. Add the electrodes to the water, at opposite sides of the inside of the cup. If your meter can read that high, mark down the resistance reading. It's like that, inside your body, when you don't have enough salt. Somewhat anyway.

Now add just some salt. Stir up the water. Now take a resistant reading again. It should be 10 or more times lower. So that means, it conducts, electricity, 10 or more times better. Something similar like than inside your body also happens, when you do that. So tens times stronger, electrical impulses, can take place. Like a stronger heart beat and hence, more regular heart beat to, for some people. Better brain neuron activities. Easier brain activities. The basic like thinking normally. Maybe depending how long this damage has been going on, and what has atrophied, or be destroyed (died off).
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