1 in 22 Blacks Will Get HIV (CDC)

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    My God! Wait until the govt tit dries up for those people!

    1 in 22 Blacks Will Get HIV, CDC Report Says - FoxNews.com

    LBJ condemned those people before they were even born with his "Great Society" welfare enslavement program. But where does that leave us? It leaves us not only paying for it in taxes and stunted economy; it also means we will have to defend ourselves and our families from animals in human form WTSHTF when their zoo-keepers no longer feed and care for them.
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    I like my preparedsociety.com community, but once in a while I have to run into comments like this that make even me look like more of an an idiot than I already claim to be.

    Your opinion is fine, I do not agree with the tone.

    There will be a lot of titty drinkers of all colors, wealth and poverty and religions or not that will have to adjust to austerity or less. It will be a color blind free for all. White trash included.

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    Survival, my apologies if you took my post to be a racist statement. I should have explained.

    This is an issue of culture (or perhaps subculture, depending on how you define it) not race. I do not believe that 69% of all violent crime committed in America are committed by blacks (FBI Uniform Crime Reports) because of their genetics (negroid genes). Nor do I believe that 70% of all black children born in America are born out of wedlock because of their parents' genetics. Lots more pretty unpleasant, well documented stats out there regarding the black culture in America, but you get the point.

    If I believed those dangerous and destructive social behaviors were caused by their genetics, that would make me a racist. Quoting them, discussing them or addressing them objectively does not make one a racist -- it makes one a realist.

    LBJ's "Great Society" did indeed snare far more blacks (in proportion to the population) than any other ethnic group in the country. It lured hard working -- probably underpaid -- black men and women into the government dependency rut that has endured and grown for generations.

    Regarding your statement, "It will be a color blind free for all. White trash included", I mostly disagree, at least at first in the early stages of a collapse. In virtually every major riot in America since LBJ's giant welfare program began, blacks were overwhelmingly the predominant race. Why? Because, as with the statistics above, the culture -- their moral anchor -- has been destroyed by the government. Think New Orleans/Katrina. Watts. Detroit. Rodney King. LA. Etc.

    So, IMHO, the first major civil upheaval when TSHTF will be from the innner cities, and yes, that will come primarily from the huge black entitlement population. The first victims will tragically be the black families who live their and have tried desperately to raise their kids right and do the right thing but can't get out of LBJ's snare.

    Then IMHO, the white trash will join in. They will see the predominantly black riots as an excuse to don the KKK sheets and start beating their drums. A race war -- or at least race battles -- seems a very real possibility in a national SHTF scenerio.

    As a nation, ignoring this problem and applying PC rules to the discussion will surely bite us on the butt on a truly epic scale.

    Again, Survival, if my original post sounded racist and offended you, I apologise. But I believe in facts and I believe in looking at the world through the lens of realism to whatever extent I am capable. Ignoring the sub-class problem is not going to make it go away.

    PS.........Just for the record, it surely seems much of the American white culture is slowly going down the same declining path. Go to a public place and listen for a moment -- to the language. :(
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    One of the reasons these moral/cultural problems persist in our society is because we're not allowed to discuss them. We have seven Indian reservations in Montana. Alcoholism is rampant within them along with all the attendant problems such as children born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrom and the added problems caused by that.

    Now we could call this a racist discussion and start throwing accusations back and forth but this helps no one and just exacerbates the situation. It is reality and unless it's faced squarely nothing will ever change.

    And, this is important so listen up, these moral/cultural problems affect people around them as well. Pretending the emporer is wearing clothes when he is in reality naked as a goldfish is foolish.

    Political correctness will be one of the things that destroy this country. Lets just keep burying our head in the sand and pretending the problems don't exist and maybe they'll go away? Not hardly! They're more like a lion waiting in ambush for the prey to stroll past.

    And the saddest thing about political correctness is that it destroys those that could be helped if people acknowledged the problems and actively sought a solution.
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    I believe that people are people, but sometimes, within cultures there are subdivisions which may or may not include people of a racial group. Political correctness prevents us from addressing many of these problems and unless the problems are addressed realistically and pragmatically they will continue.

    Someone mentioned the problem of Native Americans and alcoholism. I believe it was in my state there was a small Native American community with a horrific infant mortality rate and an incredibly high level of alcoholism. They were studying the problem. Well, reports dropped out of the media and I've never heard something since. It's possible the problem still exists but it's considered 'racist' to even address it and attempt to solve it.

    If 1 of 22 African Americans are or will become HIV positive, it's something that can be reduced as a threat through awareness, focused education and INFORMED individual decision making.

    Hey! I read up there like I talk at work!
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    CAll it what you want same issues in Great White North, white, black, red for that case green and blue.
    You can blame whoever u want. It is a society/taxpayer issue when the bleeding heart liberals start to realize it takes more than a welfare check to raise a family. Since when has it become acceptable to be generations on welfare.
    Education and fathers paying support being in there childs life?
    L8R RR
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    That's the problem, when a Liberal learns some basic but significant things like common sense, he or she is no longer a Liberal because he or she became too smart to stick to his or her previous views.

    ...unless they're devious, dirty, and cynical and know that it's a matter of building a trapped continuency based on needs and government dependence...but if that is the case, then those Liberals are actually EVIL.