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  1. Water Filtering & Storage
    I was just exploring some of the links related to Berkey water purification systems. Sure, the websites look great. But, does anyone have any real world experience with these? How well do they work? Do they hold up? Are they as good as their hype? If you had to do it all over again, would you...
  2. Water Filtering & Storage
    I guess this a year old but news to me. I was just looing at getting a Berkley Light and saw this. Suspension-of-sales-to-California
  3. Water Filtering & Storage
    We're looking to collect rainwater to put into our cistern (currently it's trucked in). I'm sure there are lots of folks on this site who have made their own water filtration systems for such a thing, and I'm looking to learn! :) From what I understand, the first water to come off the roof is...
  4. General Preparedness Discussion
    Check out this article about water purification. It talks about common water problems, the health effects, and the solution to those common water problems. Emergency water purifiers link. From following these steps you can even drink your chlorinated pool water!
  5. For Sale & Wanted
    I have three base camp filters for sale. Buy one or buy all three. All three units are NEW. I accept payment through Goggle Checkout and PayPal. Price includes shipping cost. Product will ship via UPS Ground or USPS Box Flat rate. Picture of filter is attached. Gravity, the physical law and...
1-5 of 5 Results