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  1. General Preparedness Discussion
    I remember reading that a member here has tabacco seeds. I've used the search but can't find the post. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance I might be doing something wrong when it comes to computers I'm like the Geico Caveman.
  2. General Chit-Chat
    Thanks to Pawpaw, I will be receiving tobacco seeds in the mail soon! I have agreed to be the go between for sending them out to other forum members that are interested. If you want to receive some tobacco seeds please send me a PM with your information. Please send your PM by March 10th. That...
  3. Gardening and Agriculture
    Got the cotton seeds in the ground today, little late but better than not at all. Planted green and white cotton, I give on the brown.:( As you can tell in the picture their cotton gin was better than mine. lol
1-3 of 3 Results