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  1. Energy & Electricity
    This is a blog post I made on Grit Magazine's website. Just thought I'd repost it here in case anyone was interested. The Off-Grid Power Series: Charge Controllers In the last two posts we looked at energy conservation and the importance of solar panels getting full sunlight. In this post...
  2. Vendor Deals
    We have been given the opportunity to become an exclusive dealer for a very nice, highly designed and engineered parabolic solar cooker to be offered for the first time to the public. The cooker comes from the people at One Earth Designs and it is called the SolSource. It is one of the nicest...
  3. Vendor Deals
    Visit to Preview over 30 new and exciting food and emergency supply products Available for ordering in my online store 11/10 November New Products
  4. Energy & Electricity
    Hey guys.....I would like to hook up our well to run off of solar....its a 1Hp pump..90ft well. did some lookin round and got overwhelmed......anyone?
  5. Energy & Electricity
    I have been researching expandable solar power systems and have a few questions for anyone who is familiar with them. If I'm understanding correctly the order the equipment goes is ... Panel to disconnect to charge controller to monitor to batteries to inverter to grid panel box or extension...
  6. Energy & Electricity
    My Google-Fu is weak on this one. I've had this idea since I made a fiber-optic flashlight in the Air Force for the guys that had to crawl into the aircraft fuel tanks. Basically we found some real thick (about 7/8") fiber cable and slipped most of it inside some Black rubber tubing. By exposing...
  7. Energy & Electricity
    I got these: Got 5 of em, they say 20 watts each, an 1.22 Amps. Now I just gotta decide what to do with them. Could use em on the motorhome er put in a small system here at the house. Don't now which yet. Be nice if I can get a few more from work.
  8. Energy & Electricity
    I've seen a solar generator for a couple grand that can run a regular household fridge not to mention many other things. The supreme advantage of this unit is it needs NO GAS ever! I've also been researching solar kits, inverters and battery banks to see if I can build this same thing...
  9. Energy & Electricity
    A great location for creating a off grid solar power system! Plug and Play pre-packaged kits available, all you need to do is connect the solar panels and batteries and you are good to go! Individual systems designed to specific needs as well. For more information, go to:
  10. Energy & Electricity
    The solar system that I installed on our motorhome could easily be upsized for a full time low power need home or emergency power needs. For the system I installed on the motorhome I did a lot of research before coming across two great and affordable suppliers. For the solar panels and solar...
  11. Energy & Electricity
    Solar charger is convenient for people who usually travel out. But sometimes I want to ask such question "solar charger can work without sunshine?" Perhaps it is a stupid question. But I still want to know the answer. And if they can not work, is it still convenient. You can not use inside and...
  12. Energy & Electricity
    Found this today, wow, here is a way to solve the oil crisis. Can you see this used in a residential or remote application?? Any other application ideas? Solar power breakthroughs SUNRGI 7 cents per kwh 2009 and Israel Solar Power 100 times lower cost SUNRGI's "concentrated photovoltaic" system...
1-12 of 12 Results