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  1. Vendor Deals
    Save 2-25% everyday on Thrive Foods. Long lasting shelf life for storage, but delicious and convenient enough to use everyday! These prices are valid thru June 30th, 2011. No coupon code needed - just the lowest guaranteed pricing available online! Shop Shelf Reliance #10 Can Mangoes regularly...
  2. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    I was wondering since most store bought pasta has only a shelf life of about a year does it significantly increase by putting the pasta into buckets with oxygen obsorbers?
  3. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    If these items are properly packaged in 5 gallon buckets in sealed Mylar bags with O2 absorbers the following shelf lives can be applied. Once packed, they must be stored in a dry location where the temperature is at or below room temperature (75 degrees F; 24 degrees C) the cooler the better...
  4. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    Hi! New here, first post, greetings from the heartland of Ohio! I’m looking for information on techniques, preparation and shelf life for long term food storage at a constant temperature. I have an Excalibur food dehydrator with temp control and 8 shelves, and can really crank out food in a...
1-4 of 4 Results