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  1. Hunting & Fishing
    Rabbit in the freezer this morning.:2thumb: There is a bunch in the field behind my place, and a bunch of neighbors in stiff competition for them. As soon as I find another they are going in the pot. I put the fur in homemade tanner, should take about a week to be done and dry etc. Hope...
  2. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    Just cooked up my first rabbit tonight. Good, texture somewhere in between white meat chicken and veal. I just kind of overcooked it, a little dry. Not quite used to the timing for it yet, I fried it like chicken, and it was good, but thought maybe some here might have some tips for making it...
  3. Livestock
    Well Juliet and Romeo have done it. They are the proud parents of 5 new bunnies as of 7:30 this morning. Yea! Now we have to build another rabbit cage.
  4. Livestock
    First rabbit litter arrived late afternoon. She had 9 of them :congrat: Mom's fur becomes a blanket. All huddles together, 9 of them. Now, not to get attached.:sssh:
  5. Livestock
    I'm looking at raising some meat goats.. figure it ain't no different then deer and lopes... gonna try it and rabbits... New Zealands .. goats? still researching Open to hear from anybody who can offer advice...
  6. Livestock
    I'm going to see a pair of NZ/Rex does tomorrow. I have to get them as "pets". My wife would eat a deer when I was hunting, but she flipped over the idea of eating a cute little bunny. At least we can get used to raising and caring for them. I'll sneak buck home later and "oops" how did they get...
  7. Livestock
    Does anyone out there eat Hares (Snowshoes or Jackrabbits)?? If not, why not. We have them all over out here, very few cottontails. If you do eat them, how are they? Never tried it myself but in an emergency, why not?
  8. For Sale & Wanted
    we have new zealand whites and californian rabbits for sell. we also have night crawler worms. we live in tenn. we have chickens too. call randy 731-614-0619
  9. Livestock
    No pictures (this time...) but I figured I'd give you all an update. I've got a decent sized (5x10x5 feet) outdoor cage built, and today slaughtered my first rabbit. Granted, the rabbit in question was one I'd intended to use as a breeder, but it flipped its lid and over the last week and a...
  10. Livestock
    Hey, I've seen several people mention keeping rabbits for food. Can you provide more information on that? Where do you buy the young (obviously not a pet store at $20 a pop!) and how do you keep them? Is it more effective to buy 1 male and 1 female and let them breed, or what? Also, how do you...
  11. Livestock
    My wife and I just found ourselves to be the new owners of a set of 8 rabbit hutches. I am researching meat rabbits and thought someone here might have some information to help me get started. Any help is appreciated. John
1-11 of 11 Results