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  1. General Homesteading & Building
    I've be reading about drilling my own well and see that you need to run water down the pipe to flush mud up around the outside. What if you're drilling far away from any source of water? Do you fill a vat with water and haul it to the site? Do you need a pump? Or two pumps for two hoses? A...
  2. Energy & Electricity
    Hey guys.....I would like to hook up our well to run off of solar....its a 1Hp pump..90ft well. did some lookin round and got overwhelmed......anyone?
  3. Water Filtering & Storage
    I have a good wet spot about 50 yds. from the cabin. My current water is froma creek 1/4 mile or so. I'm thinking about digging out a hole as deep as I can (probably 3-4 feet). Then sink a piece of 18" plastic driveway pipe on its end and fill up around the outside with some gravel. I'd make...
1-3 of 3 Results