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  1. General Homesteading & Building
    We have a new propane refrigerator. :woohoo: We wanted a backup for the regular fridge in case of an extended power outage so we got a 19cf EZ Freeze from a company in Arizona - amazing customer service. We had it shipped to our propane company (with their permission) and they brought it out...
  2. General Preparedness Discussion
    This is an outrage!!! I may have to sell my propane barbeque while it's still in good working order and get a charcoal. Right now I pay about $18 to refill my tanks and they're saying it could go up to $63? I understand safety regulations that have been put in place because of an explosion that...
  3. Energy & Electricity
    Are propane generators cheaper to run than normal ones? I heard the phone company used those to keep the lines working during houston's power outages. Are they as easy to find as gas ones?
  4. Energy & Electricity
    I want to get a back up heating source because I don't have a fireplace. I am thinking of getting the propane heater called the Big Buddy by Mr. Heater. I don't like the smell of kerosene unless I'm out camping. Is there any good reason why I should get kerosene over propane?
1-4 of 4 Results