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  1. Gardening and Agriculture
    With the weather here in north cal. being difficult, we noticed a increase of worms on the tomatos. Not wanting to go with store bought stuff, Anybody have a sure fire way of dealing with them before they get going? I'm tired of playing the hunt and peck game already:D I've heard of corn...
  2. Gardening and Agriculture
    The ants that were on the edge of my garden this year are now in the middle. I think they have hit my strawberries, and they took out a green tomato yesterday. I'd like them gone, but would still like to be able to eat from the garden (aka avoid toxins). What works? I read vinegar spray might...
  3. General Homesteading & Building
    Gross! Yuck! Nasty! TICKS!!!!!!!!!! :gaah: The little blood suckers are thick this year! I'm about ready to axe my guineas for not doing their JOB!!!!! One would think with the winter we had some of them would have been killed off. :gaah:
1-3 of 3 Results