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  1. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    I just picked a small bag of persimmons today ( about 6 lb) and am not sure what to do with them. around here the people I talked to said that they give to their horses of to the deer. wondered about making jelly. any ideas? they are still on the hard side and will need to ripen for a few days.
  2. Gardening and Agriculture
    My wild persimmon tree's are loaded, it just hasn't frosted yet. This is a once a year treat for us. WE make bread with them. Any ideas on preserving or freezing the pulp? The bread freezes okay for a few months, but what about keeping bulk pulp? Any thoughts?
  3. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    Can persimmon pulp be canned? If so, I assume water bath canning? How long? Any other advice?
1-3 of 3 Results