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  1. General Preparedness Discussion
    I just wanted to share one of my experiences so that anyone else out there who has limited space and has to utilize many totes to store things in doesn't make the same mistake I did. This week I had a lot of spare time so I decided to go through my totes, re-organize, and update as needed. A...
  2. Health & Medicine
    Kmart has Craftsman 13-In Tool Bag for $5 (on sale)...they are black/red..look just like a doctor's black medical bag... And I thought that would be great for my medical things for a BOB..:rolleyes: BUT, with 6 outside pockets, they are just the right size for a change of clothes and personal...
  3. Equipment & Survival Kits
    I regularly read about the role of emergency survival kits in helping people to survive emergency situations. I am also worried about the safety of my children, wife, and parents when I am away from them. Therefore, I am planning to buy an emergency survival kit for my home. However, I am a bit...
  4. Health & Medicine
    Is anyone familiar with Tea Tree Oil? I've been told to put it on sores and wounds, it's supposed to kill bacteria and leave white blood cells alone.:confused:
  5. Health & Medicine
    Antibiotics brought about a new age of healing. Today we take them for granted, yet many a death in the developing world could have been avoided by the presence of these drugs. Has anyone looked into how to store prescription strength antibiotics long term? How long will they last like that...
  6. General Preparedness Discussion
    Just curious, does anyone have a list to go by? I know I am lacking in this area.
  7. General Preparedness Discussion
    I've looked through the survival library lists and was a bit overwhelmed but I wondered if anyone could give me the name of a good animal medical book?, I'm going to be a vet hopefully, but there is another four years before I get started and being the only person in my family who doesn't faint...
  8. For Sale & Wanted
    Perfect for your BOB Each set includes the following: One 6" hemostat One 4 1/2" hemostat One 4 1/2" curved hemostat Two 4 1/2" pointed tweezers, one with teeth and one w/o teeth One 4" surgical scissors One 3 1/2" tweezers with either a 45 degree or 90 degree bend in them (Depending on which I...
1-8 of 8 Results