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  1. Communications
    I have just been reading trough old posts on radios and communication, with all the information, I am just a little confused. Did I understand that you can use one of these Hand Held ham radios, and that is all you need? I do understand that you need a license to operate it, but do you need...
  2. Communications
    Here's a link for you Ham Operators and those that want to listen via scanner/receiver. It's the American Preparedness Radio Net. Here's a link to the website: The American Preparedness Radio Net
  3. Communications
    Does anyone know if copper magnet wire would make for good antenna wire? Thanks.
  4. Communications
    I'm studying for my transmitting liscense, and I was wondering if anyone could give me any idea on a good transmitter to look at? I already have a SkyChampion reciever from Post WWII, which works nicely. My neighbor is an ex-ham, and has helped me set up an antenna, and has given me some advice...
  5. Communications
    I have been searching everywhere for a decent weather radio that utilizes S.A.M.E. technology and can be powered continuously by 12VDC. I want to use it both in my motorhome, home and as a portable if I have to do it. I can not find a 12VDC powered unit. Anyone know of one? Thanks.
  6. Communications
    This is a howto article about communication. I am posting a portion of an article I recently wrote for It is absolutely imperative to have communications as an integral part of your emergency preparedness plans. With communication devices, it is possible to keep abreast with...
  7. Communications
    Taking my technican exam on Aug. 5. What can I expect and is there anything else besides the questions? Looking for a good radio, any help appreciated.
  8. Communications
    I thought this might be of general interest to Ham Radio operators (and future Ham Radio Operators!) I built a couple of antennas designed for use on the 2m and 70cm bands, using 300 ohm twin-lead (that old TV antenna stuff) in a j-pole design - and was able to use some pvc and some...
1-8 of 8 Results