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  1. Gardening and Agriculture
    I have a small commerical greenhouse that I use for growing my basil and other similar herbs in my backyard, but, now it is time to build a small greenhouse for my tomato plants - more protection from hail, high winds and frost. I was able to pickup several steel-pallets from work that I am...
  2. General Preparedness Discussion
    Using some scrap material, old sliding glass doors and windows, and some purchased supplies (cement blocks, wire cloth, 2 X 4s and roof tin,) we began Greenhouse No. 2 this week. The finished greenhouse will be 15-1/2 by 5-1/2 feet along the south side of our house, actually attached to the...
  3. Gardening and Agriculture
    We've been wanting to build raised beds for some time. Even though we have about 3/4 of an acre it's best use is nut and fruit trees and an approximately 20 year old elephant garlic bed. Vegetables have their problems in that area, cool summer nights, not enough water (even using a drip...
  4. Gardening and Agriculture
    I know a few folks here have a greenhouse of one kind or an other... I was thinking we could share some info. (sounds like fun :)) My greenhouse ... Tip #1 summer squash will do well in the greenhouse as long as it is in a pot that is...
  5. General Homesteading & Building
    I've never seen one but, I always dreamed of a really tall green house, tall enough for fruit trees and heated by a wood stove. I wonder if any one has one and if it work's well?
  6. Gardening and Agriculture
    It is here and up ... My husband & son both named it "The greenhouse from hell" :o But no matter, lets see what it can do now. :D
  7. Gardening and Agriculture
    Don't know if they wil produce or not. This is basically an experiment.We do have little figs on the container fig tree though. Tomatos,winter squash and peppers are all blooming .
  8. Gardening and Agriculture
    DH did buy the commercial greenhouse I had mentioned in an earlier post. It is 30'x96'x16' tall. Will have double plastic wall inflated with a blower the size of a hair dryer. We also got a huge fan and a butane circulating heater all for $800. Now all we have to do is take it down and then...
  9. Gardening and Agriculture
    We have our seedlings coming up for greenhouse now.We decided not to plant on the borders this year. Any suggestions on containers? I'm thinking peat moss,sand,pine fines and maybe putting more pine fines in the bottoms . Should I use perlite too?
  10. Gardening and Agriculture
    I was wondering what foods wound give us the most produce to grow in small greehouse. I was thinking potatoes ,peppers,onon,carrots and herbs. What 8 plants would you grow if it was all you'd have to survive on ?We do have chickens for eggs and protein.
  11. Gardening and Agriculture
    I just found a good place for my GH covering.We have been using plastic from Lowes but in past couple years its hard to find clear.The box says clear,but its milky not clear. I called a nursery and they gave me 800 number. I ordered 20x50' of the real GH plastic covering.I really like...
  12. General Preparedness Discussion
    When we bought our place 5 years ago, the first thing we did was to jack up the house and put a full basement under it (1200 sq. ft.). Then we added a 10'x28' concrete block room at the basement level and topped it with 12" of concrete. That is now our "safe room" (we're in tornado country). On...
  13. Gardening and Agriculture
    Has anyone every made any cheap green houses as opposed to buying store bought expensive ones? If so, I'd like to hear about it I have a store bought greenhouse. Instead of having shelves in it i just plant my garden on the ground. No problem with the plants getting root-bound and...
  14. General Homesteading & Building
    So, i have this single-car carport frame that was given to me......For the last couple years it has served as a cafe, a ticket booth, and a DJ booth. Now it is about to take on the role of a makeshift Green House...... Anybody try this before? Im going to attempt to "frame" in a door by...
  15. Gardening and Agriculture
    I finally got my greenhouse that I have wanted for a few years now. :2thumb: I was doing some work for a fellow on Sat. and he asked me about an old trailer I had and wasn't using. We talked a bit and decided to make an even trade. He got my 16' duel axle trailer and I got his 12'x20' greenhouse...
  16. Gardening and Agriculture
    Earthships grow food year round while heating your house for free :dunno: Sounds like heaven to me :beercheer:
  17. Gardening and Agriculture
    I'm in a moderate climate. My raised beds serve dual purpose. At the end of the growing season, (Now), I redo my beds with greens that go all Winter here. Turnip, spinach, kale... and stretch clear plastic over the frames. Works well but other than freezing, I haven't found a way to longer term...
  18. Gardening and Agriculture
    If I get some sheets of clear plastic is this good enough for a greenhouse or do I need actual green sheets of plastic? Also can the greenhouse help keep the plants warm in the texas winter to where I can grow past the end of the season or would I eventually have to bring them in?
1-18 of 18 Results