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    We're currently buying about 3 gallons of milk per week. I'm guessing that trading for that milk rather than having a dairy cow is probably the smartest route to take, but if that route isn't available what would you suggest as a path to getting that amount of milk? Extra milk could be used for...
  2. Livestock
    This is going to be fun ... Spice, is getting ready to come fresh (for the first time) and she hates people. (Just a fact) When you take a brush to the pasture, all the goats come running over to you saying ... Me first, Me first ... but not Spice ... (Oh No) she is the one in the back saying...
  3. Livestock
    My older goat, Amber, had a set of twins last night! She had a boy and a girl! They are doing great! They are both strong and nursing on their momma! Here are some pictures on my blog: Pam's Pride: Another set of TWINS!! Amber's Goatie Babies!
  4. Livestock
    This morning we had our first goatie babies born on our homestead!! Lily surprised us and had two bucklings this morning 10 days early. This is her first time kidding. Here are some pictures on my blog: My First Goatie Babies!
  5. Livestock
    SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — A bacterial infection called Q fever has apparently spread from goats to humans and sickened people in Washington and Montana, agriculture officials said. The illness has stricken five people in the Moses Lake area with flulike symptoms. Officials also have traced infected...
  6. Livestock
    ....would you school me on breeds, care, health issues, real milk production, can you make butter, life expectancy, feed vs graze..... In other words, What's it take to own a goat or two for milk. Not interested in meat production. Looking forward to this. Thanks in advance! Jimmy
  7. Livestock
    And looking like the only kids this spring. :confused: (I think my buck is broke :eek:) Anyhow ... Abby had her babies today ... one buck and one doe. Abby is our boer/nubian cross doe, my granddaughters goat. ;) she was bred to a Alpine buck. Her buck looks just like mom, a black head boer...
  8. Livestock
    I'm looking at raising some meat goats.. figure it ain't no different then deer and lopes... gonna try it and rabbits... New Zealands .. goats? still researching Open to hear from anybody who can offer advice...
1-8 of 8 Results