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  1. Energy & Electricity
    Was just reading this article today: My New Year's preparedness test | | The SWLing PostThe SWLing Post Reminded me to check my generator! Also, make sure you know how to put chains on your vehicle BEFORE a big winter event! My neighbors never pay attention and I end up helping them.:)...
  2. Energy & Electricity
    I was looking around on the internet for quality generator. I came across this brand called Honeywell and thought they looked like good quality products. However, I have never seen these before and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this product. Here is the link to their...
  3. Energy & Electricity
    YouTube - wood gas generator Here is a link to some good video on wood gas power generators. Some are using bark and pine straw as a source to create wood gas that will power a generator. This might be a good way to maintain battery power for lights at night or even radio communication power.
  4. Energy & Electricity
    I was wondering how much fuel do you use a day on average? Been looking into generator options, brands, prices, etc. Any additional tips or advice you have for me, would be lovely.
  5. Energy & Electricity
    What are the different types of generators you can get? Also what different horsepower makes what amount of electricity come out?
  6. Energy & Electricity
    Does anyone know how to build a bicycle generator like on gilligan's island to re-charge their battery banks if they were to run out of fuel?
  7. Energy & Electricity
    Are propane generators cheaper to run than normal ones? I heard the phone company used those to keep the lines working during houston's power outages. Are they as easy to find as gas ones?
1-7 of 7 Results