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  1. Energy & Electricity
    Just under a year ago, I purchased my first Honda Inverter generator. I purchased the EU-20i, a 2000 watts unit. It has proven itself over and over again. This wasn't too difficult of a task to perform, considering how frequently we experience power outages here. While we don't attempt to...
  2. Energy & Electricity
    There’s a lot of smart power guys here on the forum, so here’s a question for you. I like to keep my property clean and clear, so my son’s broke down 95 Ford Bronco is a pain in my side till he drives it over to the junkyard to donate it. What value is it for me to keep it and use it as a BF...
  3. Energy & Electricity
    Hi Everyone, I just bought a generator and wondered if you guys think its a good one. Its suppose to be quiet and for a RV. I wanted it mainly for emergences, if the power goes out while Im caring for David. Oh By the way David will be 104 next month on the 28th!:wave: Well it didnt work...
  4. Energy & Electricity
    I was in the Local Tractor Supply a bit ago and saw a 7000 watt diesel gen for about 1200.00.. Hell, I paid 1000.00 for my Honda 2 K... I know it has to be made in China but still. Anybody know anything about these?...think it was a Gennirac (?)... also a gasser 15 KW for just over 2 K...
  5. General Preparedness Discussion
    I have no trouble with a short time power out keeping my generator safe but I'm not sure how to really 'stealth out' a sound that loud, especially with the exhaust needing to be vented... Any good methods out there?
  6. Energy & Electricity
    I have a couple of older (80s) 150 ish KVA gensets, 60 cycles @ 1800 rpm , I am curious if I could pull off different points or something to get 60 cycles @900 rpm for low load situations , and still be able to switch back to 1800 rpm for more load. :scratch
  7. Energy & Electricity
    My good friend has a wind generator but no control box. He called a place that sells control boxes and told him that wind generators require a special controller.The controller that came with the wind generator, I have and it's the same brand and type I use with my panels. What would be the...
  8. Energy & Electricity
    Just bought a new 2KW propane generator for $370, shipping included off ebay. They ship to the USA and Canada free. When it arrives I will do a thorough test...
  9. Energy & Electricity
    Details here: Veg Gear DIY WVO Conversions I have under $20 invested in this project. The same basic idea can be used to make a vehicle mounted welder. I am slowly working on converting the alternator in my '89 F-250. I will post it when I am done
  10. Energy & Electricity
    I have a small generator (still in the box) to back up my back up solar and wind power. I saw a small Maytag Model 72 washing machine engine in action. Arguably, these and the Maytag model 92 are among what are called the smallest hit and miss engines ever made commercially. They were used as...
  11. Energy & Electricity
    Should I put together a solar setup or upgrade my genset? I currently own a cheap (no name Chinese), 1000w (1200 surge) 10amp- 2.5hp gas generator (4 stroke). Bought it on clearance last year at Biglots for $130, this generator will power my fridge and or deep freezer, lights, small...
  12. Energy & Electricity
    Quieten That Generator When the lights go out here in Virginia, you can hear the generators run for miles away. I looked around for ways to make mine more stealth because I dont want to advertise that I have power at times when times are bad. I found this to be the best option and you can get...
  13. Energy & Electricity
    I am wondering what combination of appliances you can use with your average generator if the power was out. I haven't had to conserve electricity usage to just a few devices before and I know certain ones need a lot of energy to kick on but then decrease the usage after that. What about the...
  14. Energy & Electricity
    Wouldn't it be cheaper to be able to take the horse power engine of a generator then bolt it to something that has the electricity converting part on it so you can buy the two things separately? Is this possible to make your own generator this way?
  15. Energy & Electricity
    Has anyone ever made their own Van De Graaff generator? It looks dangerous, can you shock yourself really bad?
  16. Energy & Electricity
    Is it possible to store lightning strike energy in capacitor bays in order to provide electricity?
  17. Energy & Electricity
    I've been told that you can plug a portable generator into one of your homes power outlets and it will power the homes other outlets. The procedure was this: Run a line from the generator to one of your homes outlets after cutting the external power off at the homes main power box. You can then...
  18. Energy & Electricity
    Has anyone here loaned their generator to their neighbor whose power was out only to have yours go back out once you give it away?
1-18 of 18 Results