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  1. Gardening and Agriculture
    A few (mixed) pictures of my herb garden ...
  2. Gardening and Agriculture
    Since there has been talk of water issues and gardening, I thought it would be good to have a place to share thoughts and ideas on how to grow with less water. I have used a number of ways to conserve in the past years but this year, my goal is to come as close as I can to doubling my gardens...
  3. Gardening and Agriculture
    Weather round here been so crazy the past few years I ain't never sure when ta get seeds started. So taday be it. Startin heirloom tomaters, jalepeno's, bell peppers an in a bit some gords. Gonna add a couple extra beds in this year to. Now it be a waitin game ta see when good weather comes...
  4. Gardening and Agriculture
    With spring fast approaching and gardeners getting the itch, I thought it was time to put a soil temperature map up. The site I used a couple years ago doesn't seem to exist anymore so I found a new one.
  5. Gardening and Agriculture
    This was the first time in my life that I planted tomatoes and actually got a crop! And they were wonderful. The Okra was and still is producing but the wonderful yellow squash are done as are the tomatoes... I miss them already! That was the extent of the garden this year. But next year it...
  6. Gardening and Agriculture
    Here in michigan we had 40-50 mph winds today and didnt get home from work in time to move my seedlings. Those damn stakes they give u are worthless. Saved 3 baby squash plants and my blueberry bush( hopefully). Tomorrow is a new day, gonna try again. Thankfully it was only 3 weeks in.
  7. Gardening and Agriculture
    Ive been getting ready to get my garden growing for the year and because of the mild winter this year I have a lot of broccoli and collards that are thriving now. I went out today and cut a full garden cart of broccoli tops, I still have to trim them but it looks like I will get quite a bit...
  8. Gardening and Agriculture
    I'm glad that I took advantage of the warming trend we had which only lasted for about two weeks .... Days were in the 50s and 60s, almost 70 several days. Many nights above freezing, which helped give the seeds a good start. Yesterday morning (coldest time is between 3:00 a.m to 6:00 or 7:00...
  9. Gardening and Agriculture
    Don't know if they wil produce or not. This is basically an experiment.We do have little figs on the container fig tree though. Tomatos,winter squash and peppers are all blooming .
  10. Gardening and Agriculture
    Wow ... I got 2 new seed catalogs in the last few days. :2thumb: Never to early to start planning for next season, I found some marshmallow and white sage. (I'll try growing the sage indoors this time. ;)) No telling what else. lol May need to get the cold frame started ... well, should have...
  11. Gardening and Agriculture
    this was on my FB page this AM... if anything, it's at least a very efficient use of space Creating a Pallet Garden - Step by Step Instructions | Growing A Greener World
  12. Gardening and Agriculture
    I am a big supporter of locally produced food, it is how we are going to have to live in the future whether TSHTF or not. It makes good sense, reduces cost, uses less fuel, and will employ the unemployed. Good all around decision. Their has been a problem that has come to surface that has the...
  13. Gardening and Agriculture
    DH did buy the commercial greenhouse I had mentioned in an earlier post. It is 30'x96'x16' tall. Will have double plastic wall inflated with a blower the size of a hair dryer. We also got a huge fan and a butane circulating heater all for $800. Now all we have to do is take it down and then...
  14. Gardening and Agriculture
    We have our seedlings coming up for greenhouse now.We decided not to plant on the borders this year. Any suggestions on containers? I'm thinking peat moss,sand,pine fines and maybe putting more pine fines in the bottoms . Should I use perlite too?
  15. Gardening and Agriculture
    Pics are about 6 weeks old. Beans are running now. Already picked a mess of greens. Have brocille, cabbage, swiss chard and collards to set out yet. We are blessed with a long growing season here. Hope you enjoy the pics. Jimmy
  16. Gardening and Agriculture
    These are my Rutger tomatoes. Nearly all of them have the strange marks, and some of them are split open. Is this normal, or do I have an infestation of something? Or, too much nitrogen, not enough of something else? Too much or not enough water? I'm new to gardening, and this is the...
  17. Gardening and Agriculture
    I want to plant some corn next year that I can use to grind for corn meal and for making tortillas. Can anyone give me the type of corn and where to get it? And, if it is an heirloom, all the more better...thank you!!
  18. Gardening and Agriculture
    I was wondering what foods wound give us the most produce to grow in small greehouse. I was thinking potatoes ,peppers,onon,carrots and herbs. What 8 plants would you grow if it was all you'd have to survive on ?We do have chickens for eggs and protein.
  19. Gardening and Agriculture
    This sums up where our country is heading! Does Michelle Obama Know About This? | The Agitator
  20. Gardening and Agriculture
    Hello all, RON L here While I often Buy and ensure the Seed I buy and Trade for is Heirloom and Non-Hybrid, these shaky timkes got me thinking? The question of folks, seed stocks and grows of Plants in winter might seem a little odd? I've had time to reflect on my preps and despite some...
1-20 of 82 Results