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  1. Gardening and Agriculture
    DH planted a small orchard yesterday :D with the help of his folks. I didn't get home until after dark so I didn't get to see what exactly they had done =( Now to wait..... Did I mention I'm not good at waiting
  2. Gardening and Agriculture
    I just bought moved to my BIL/retreat!! It is 40 acres of predominately hardwoods like oaks and hickory. I have been reading up on apple trees, blackberries, et al, but am not satisfied with my understanding of everything. I have been studying all of the edible uses of the existing trees. I was...
  3. Gardening and Agriculture
    I have about 20 acers that has grown up in weeds and scrub pines, I don't plan on farming it and if I did, when disaster hit everyone would flood in looking for food so I want to plant some perenial plants or trees here and there that will produce something to eat in atlerast 3-5 years. They...
  4. Gardening and Agriculture
    I started a small apple orchard of 10 dwarf trees, they need to be staked. I bought pressure treated 1x2's, did i make a mistake? I am beginning to wonder if the chemicals from the stakes will leach into the trees and eventually the fruit? :confused:
  5. Gardening and Agriculture
    Back in November I bought 4 apple trees, 1 pomegranate, 4 blueberry bushes, 1 cherry tree, 1 blackberry, 1 raspberry and 1 concord grape vine. I planted the apple and cherry trees. The rest I have left in the pots and have been putting them outside on mild and rainy days. (I live in Alabama and...
  6. Gardening and Agriculture
    I planted two semi-dwarf Bing Cherries in the spring 2008 and lost both of them. Does anyone have any experience with starting Cherry trees successfully. They should have made it but didn't.
  7. Gardening and Agriculture
    After picking fruits and vegetables out of the yard, should you just briefly rinse the dirt off or should some kind of mix be made to rid the food of pesticides and other harmful things? I've heard of stuff you can buy from the store for it. Does anybody know of a cheap solution to a mix that I...
  8. Gardening and Agriculture
    My wild persimmon tree's are loaded, it just hasn't frosted yet. This is a once a year treat for us. WE make bread with them. Any ideas on preserving or freezing the pulp? The bread freezes okay for a few months, but what about keeping bulk pulp? Any thoughts?
1-8 of 8 Results