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  1. Hunting & Fishing
    What primitive and modern fish trapping methods have you used with success. I learned the other day that you can actually trap fish with modern conibear traps which is something I keep in my bug out bag. You just have to funnel them correctly. What odd tricks do you know for putting fish on the...
  2. Hunting & Fishing
    Trash can be very useful in a survival situation and can be found almost every where you go. What are some methods you have devised for using trash in survival. This video is how to catch minnows for food or bait in a survival situation!
  3. Hunting & Fishing
    This is a really old method for putting some fish on the table when you have no tools and are in a survival situation. Gorge hooks can be made from thorns or whittled from wood. They will generally only catch larger fish because of the mechanics of how the hook works. It doesn't catch in the...
  4. For Sale & Wanted
    we have new zealand whites and californian rabbits for sell. we also have night crawler worms. we live in tenn. we have chickens too. call randy 731-614-0619
  5. Hunting & Fishing
    My son has gone trout fishing with his pawpaw. :D They are having a grand time of it. Anyone else doing any fishing?
  6. Hunting & Fishing
    Hi As a fisherman i thought i would give you a list of the fishing kits i use for different survival situations and fishing situations. Firstly my personal survival tin. 15 or 20 lb line as much as you can fit in the tin. 15/20 lb line will cover any freshwater fish and quiet a few saltwater...
  7. Hunting & Fishing
    Hi people! I just wanted to give you a link to a free down-loadable cookbook from Taste of Home. It's full of recipes for hunting and fishing. Enjoy! Taste of Home - Hunting And Fishing Cookbook 2006
1-7 of 7 Results