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  1. General Preparedness Discussion
    I watched a show last night on ways to start a fire in a survival situation. It was interesting. They used a flashlight, steel wool and a 9v battery, rubbed 2 sticks together, a flare gun, reading glasses, a lens from a camera, and my favorite a disposable lighter. :D They said most of the time...
  2. General Preparedness Discussion
    Well, was a slow mornin here, had the day off so I made up 3 dozen egg carton firestarters. Get all the sawdust I wan't fer free at work, bought a big pillar candle at the thrift store fer 2 bucks. I used butchers twine fer wicks. Guess I got bout 2 1/2 bucks in 3 dozen of em.
1-2 of 2 Results