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  1. Energy & Electricity
    I was in the Local Tractor Supply a bit ago and saw a 7000 watt diesel gen for about 1200.00.. Hell, I paid 1000.00 for my Honda 2 K... I know it has to be made in China but still. Anybody know anything about these?...think it was a Gennirac (?)... also a gasser 15 KW for just over 2 K...
  2. Vehicle & Transportation
    I was doing some reading on my favorite motorcycle forum and found out about something kind of cool. Diesel motorbikes are really starting to come out of the woodwork instead of just being custom converted. While doing some 'net searchs I found some cool conversions and manufacturers. Also...
  3. Energy & Electricity
    Can you used diesel fuel in a Kerosene heater? Or off road use only Diesel?
1-3 of 3 Results